Swaha Swayamsiddha | Sep 11, 2017

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In the ongoing season of welcoming the freshmen into the family, the Civil Engineering department wasn’t left behind. The students of the department organized their branch fresher’s welcome on 2nd September in LA 214, with the aim of making sure that the young students feel comfortable interacting with their branch mates and making a transition into college life.

Notwithstanding the rain and the clouds, the fresh batch of students arrived on time and started answering the questionnaire handed out to them. They were presented with a medley of situational and quirky questions requiring them to think on their feet or think up amusing answers. Shortly after, all the students joined in to welcome their seniors and the faculty. The event was graced by Prof. Shishir Ku. Sahu, Prof. Mahendra Gattu, and Prof. Nagendra Roy, all of whom welcomed the new students into the folds with motivating words. Before continuing on with the evening, the students had the professors cut a scrumptious cake to the cheers of all.

The students of the first year had planned a series of performances for their audience, which they then presented. This included two group song performances which were appreciated by all. Dancing to a pulsating rhythm, Rajnandini Panda enthralled all present and was followed by Teja Vardhan and Sai Kalyan grooving to a few songs. The evening’s performances ended with Siddhant Nayak dancing to popular numbers which the onlookers applauded and appreciated greatly. The appetizing refreshments also heightened the pleasant evening.

The students mingled, interacting with all. At the end of the evening, Siddhant Nayak bagged the Mr. Fresher title while Rajnandini Panda was presented with the Miss Fresher title and lauded with gifts and well wishes.

Soon, the evening came to an end, with days of planning and preparations ensuring that the program progressed smoothly barring a few technical glitches and complications here and there. NITR’s oldest engineering branch gladly accepted a new batch of students into its folds with an assurance to turn them into promising engineers.

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