Mrinal Chaudhury | Sep 11, 2017

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The evening of 6th September 2017 witnessed the gathering of the versatile family of Industrial Designers to welcome the freshers. Being a relatively new flower in the Garden of Education that NITR is, the small but close knit bunch of passionate Industrial Designers have been persistently propelling the Department to new heights. The close bonds that exist among the all the members of the department renders the freshers event as something not to be missed.

As is the custom, the freshers event was organised by the sophomores of the department. The LA -014 was tastefully decorated with balloons and lights, complementing a magnificent flex adorning the centre of the wall. It read,

Perfect duet of Engineering and Artistry

aptly describing the essence of the Department’s vision.

The hosts, Sourish Mishra and N.Vivek Kumar commenced the event by welcoming the professors of the Department with bouquets. It was followed by a brief but friendly interaction between the Head of the Department, Prof .Md.Rajik Khan and the populace. After seeking inputs from the final years about their experience of the 4 years and then adding his own points, he went on to elaborate about the Department’s works and prospects. Despite not being sugar-coated, his positive words uplifted the spirits and cleared a lot of things for the naïve freshers and even sophomores. The event proceeded with a foot-tapping performance by 2 freshers, Rakshi Bal and Shubhra Pujari and also a soulful song by the boys of the department.

Continuing with gusto, the final years had some friendly and cheerful interactions with the freshers which would help them decide the Mr. and Ms. Freshers. Sumptuous food packets were distributed to all in the midst. After all the cheers and laughter shared over food and conversations,  the final years called up 6 shortlisted candidates to the stage and assigned them tasks. Shubhra Pujari and Dibyajyoti Nath were declared as Miss and Mister Freshers.

After the conclusion of the event inside LA-014, it was decided that the entire populace should move to the cool and breezy LA-Lawns for a photo shoot session. This turned out to be the best part of the evening as the final years candidly addressed the all the junior batches describing their highs and lows in the four years and churning out all the imperative advises they could impart before passing out of the Institute.

The Industrial Design Freshers 2017 marked an important day in the NITR journey of the freshers and gave memories to be cherished for all the subsequent batches.

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