Soapbox: A Platform For All Or Some?

Soapbox: A Platform For All Or Some?

Sahithi Ravipati | Oct 09, 2017

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Prior to the Durga Puja Vacations, the buzz on campus was all about the Fest Convenor elections. With elections being conducted for six important posts, it was very important for the voters to be aware of who the candidates were and what plans they had in their agenda. To facilitate this, Team MM in collaboration with SAC conducted the Soapbox event. After the maiden edition of the Soapbox at NITR, there were mixed views among the NITR junta. Team MM conducted a recent survey on the question:

Should events like Soapbox be conducted in the future?

The NITR junta proved to have various opinions on this regard.

A majority of the NITR populace i.e. 63% felt that this would help in getting a clear idea regarding the potential of the candidate and his vision for the upcoming elections.

As more often than not, the voters don’t know the contestants for the elections or their agendas, there is a huge confusion as to who their votes should go to. With the Soapbox being conducted, a platform has been laid out for the candidates to express their views. Along with this, the NITR Junta also gains clarity as to who the deserving candidates are. This would eliminate events in which people would give away their passwords and have their votes be cast to random people just because they don’t know about the contestants.

A meager 11% of the junta felt that such events can harm the campaigning of a particular candidate who has a good agenda but is unable to express the same.

The Soapbox maybe a hindrance for those who aren’t good public speakers as they may not be able to put forth their views efficiently. This would be of a great disadvantage for them. Many times, students are either shy or do not like addressing larger gatherings. If such people are unable to express their agendas, even if they are good, they may fail to attract voters.

A significant 26% said that they do not have any idea about what a Soapbox is.

As in any other case, there was a section of the student populace that was indifferent to this initiative. This sect of people represents those who not only do not care about the Soapbox but may also be apathetic to the Fest Convener elections as a whole.

On evaluating the results of the poll, we can see that a majority of the NITR junta has shown enthusiasm about the new initiative that has been taken up. Many people would like to see the event happening on a yearly basis to ensure that the best candidates always win.

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