Building New Relations: Planning & Architecture Freshers

Building New Relations: Planning & Architecture Freshers

Barnali Priyadarshini | Oct 09, 2017

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9th of September brought an empyreal evening for the scholars of Planning and Architecture. The sophomores organized a thunderous fresher’s party for the newcomers. Scheduled to be held at 6 in the evening at LA 214, the event initially got delayed by some odd 30 minutes. The room crammed soon as the students of the final and pre-final year came in.

The audience saw sophomores Jeznaih Anwesh Kerketta and Madhushree Maji as the host for this jovial evening. The event kick-started with a duet welcome song by Prajna and Smita, which allured everyone with its melody. This was followed by a welcome speech delivered by one of the renowned faculties of the department, Prof. Arjun Mukherjee, who enlightened the students with his words of wisdom and experience. Other respected faculties like Prof. Dibya Jiban Pati, Prof. Simantini Behera and Dr. Khuplianlam Tungnung also graced the occasion by their benign presence. HoD of P&A, Prof. Basudatta Sarkar couldn’t make it to the evening owing to some unavoidable circumstances.

The evening had in store hilarious performances and preparations for the crowd. The entire hall of audience broke into a jamboree when they were presented performances one after the other. While the singers swayed them away, the dancers awed them with their electrified moves. A group of students also managed to stage an interesting skit. Finally, a group dance marked the end of all the performances.

Amidst all celebrations, food packets and soft drinks were distributed among all. After the food packets were devoured, the freshmen were asked to introduce themselves formally. With interesting rounds that consisted fun questionnaires, discussions and dances, the freshmen broke the ice with their seniors, and eventually Abhishek Varma and Veesam Mounika were bestowed with the title of Mister and Miss P&A.

Finally, the final year students cut the cake. Soon, the evening came to an end, with days of planning and preparations ensuring that the program progressed smoothly barring a few technical glitches and complications. Days of preparations by the sophomores showed its colors as the freshmen had their fill of enjoyment and were celebrated with so much love and delight.


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