Deepak Kumar | Oct 09, 2017

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National Institute of Technology, Rourkela played host for the 13th Annual Student Chemical Engineer’s Congress (SCHEMCON), on the 7th and 8th October 2017. SCHEMCON 2017 was organized by Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE), Rourkela Regional Centre in association with Department of Chemical Engineering, NIT Rourkela. The event garnered about 450 registrations, and witnessed a turnout of about 340 students. In addition, the event hosted some eminent speakers from across the country enriching the audience with their knowledge. The theme for this year’s SCHEMCON was “EMERGING TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING.”

SCHEMCON 2017 was chaired by Prof. R.K. Singh, HOD (Department of Chemical Engineering, NITR). While talking to MM, he expressed his delight about NITR hosting a national event of such high magnitude. The chief guests for the event included Mr P.R. Mohanty (Ex-chairman, Heavy Water Board), Prof. P. Dey (President, IIChE), Dr. B.K. Satpathy (Ex-Executive Director, NALCO), Mr S.P. Mohanty (President, IIChE Regional Centre, Rourkela) and Mr G.K. Roy (Ex-director, NIT-R). The events for SCHEMCON 2k17 included Paper and Poster Presentation, Invited Lectures, Technical Quizand Exhibitions. 


The preparation for this event had started long back. The organizing committee’s efforts for gathering sponsors for the event were praiseworthy The lead sponsor for the event included Indian Oil and associate sponsors- NALCO, JINDAL Panther and Aditya Birla Group. Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium and Department of Chemical Engineering were beautifully decorated for the national event. The organizing committee comprised of students and faculty members of the Department of Chemical Engineering.


The inauguration ceremony was held on 9th October at 9:30 a.m at BBA. Post-inauguration, the chief guests, Mr P.R. Mohanty and Mr P.Dey addressed the gathering, primarily talking about the vast potential of Chemical Engineering.  Mr. Dey also talked about the history of SCHEMCON before shifting his focus on the need of orgainising such an event. The inaugural ceremony ended by felicitating the guest of honor and the chief guests. The participants and guests were then served with some refreshments before proceeding with the function.

Post the High Tea, there were subsequent lectures from eminent speakers from across the country. The first keynote speech was delivered by Prof. Sirshendu De, HOD, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. He spoke in length about the innovations in hollow fiber membranes.Talking to MM after the speech he said,

My stay here at NIT Rourkela has been pleasant, the facilities were quite good. The thing I feel that needs to be done in order to achieve even greater highs at NIT-R is that the institute needs to streamline their patenting procedures in order to commercialize the technologies that have been developed here in NIT Rourkela.

Following the speech was an informative session on ‘Aluminium, the green-metal potential characteristics and emerging applications’ presented by Mr. B.K Satpathy, former Executive Director, Business Development and R&D, NALCO. The next lecture was delivered by chief guest Dr. P.R. Mohanty, who talked about Indian Nuclear Fuel Cycles, in the process enthralling the audience. The subsequent lecture which also was the last lecture before lunch was presented by Dr. P.S.Dash which left the audience in awe.

Lunch was arranged for the participants and guests in the parking space adjacent to the Department. The feedback on the preparations were largely positive. After lunch, a brainstorming session conducted by Dr. Mukesh Mohan, an alumnus of NIT-R and currently serving as the General Manager of IOCL, Paradip. The session focussed on the Advancement in Refining Technology. Team MM caught up with him after his address, and upon asking how he sees the future of chemical department in the future, Dr. Mukesh Mohan said,

The future of Chemical Engineering is very bright, I would say much better than other branches because it is ever evolving. This is the time for Chemical Engineering.

While this was going on in BBA, there were Technical Sessions conducted in the department for the participants. Then, there were poster presentations wherein the participants presented their ideas and were subsequently marked by a panel consisting of the chief guests. Following another tea break, a technical session was conducted in the department.

A Cultural Night was planned for the participants in the evening in BBA. The event kick-started with a stellar performance by HEARTBEATS, wherein they entertained the audience with some breath-taking music. BBA then bore witness to classical Odissi Dance form presented by ‘BHANJA KALA KENDRA’, which left the audience awe-struck. Following this was a performance by SHILLONG DANCE TROOP, who certainly did get the audience on their feet with an energetic performance themed along the lines of patriotism. Following this was a Sambhalpuri dance performance by SHREE KRISHNA INSTITUTE TROOP. There were subsequent performances by SYNERGY and another performance by SHILLONG DANCE GROUP. The cultural event ended around 9 pm, following which the participants and the guests were served the last meal of the day.

The second day of SCHEMCON 2k17 saw Mr. ULLAS PARIKAR, Deputy head, Geo Cycle India, ACC Limited, enlighten the audience with his talk on How Chemical Engineering plays a vital role in transforming the existing linear economy into a circular one. He also took questions from the audience thereafter in what was a dynamic interaction. The final lecture of SCHEMCON 2k17 was delivered by Chief Guest Dr. N.R.Sahoo, Senior Environmental Engineer, State Pollution Control Board, Bhubaneswar, wherein he talked extensively about global warming and climate change.

This was followed by another technical session in the department wherein the students presented their papers and a panel consisting of the invited guests evaluated them. To cap off SCHEMCON 2k17, a valedictory function was organized which consisted of speeches from Prof. R.K.Singh, Prof. G.K. Roy and Prof. S.P. Mohanty, all of whom acknowledged the need of events like SCHEMCON before moving on and to appreciate the successful nature of the event. Prizes were distributed to the winners after careful examination of the papers. SCHEMCON 2k18 was then declared by the delegate of ICT, Mumbai, where it would be conducted next year.

The students were asked for a feedback on their stay here in our campus. The response was largely positive although some of the visiting students expressed their dissatisfaction on the kind of accommodation provided to them. Post the event, Team MM caught up with the student coordinator, Athul Krishnan, who was visibly very positive to have pulled off the event smoothly. He said,

The functioning of the event was very smooth, the organizing committee deserves a special mention for that. Maybe this would have been an even more successful event had there been more students from our institute to witness the lectures and guest speeches.

Team MM congratulates the Department of CHemical Engineering for the successful hosting of SCHEMCON 2K17.


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