YouTube Film making Workshop:With a Dash Of Adventure

YouTube Film making Workshop:With a Dash Of Adventure

Rohit Dash | Nov 06, 2017

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With the commencement of the mega techno-management fest on the first Friday of November, this iteration of Innovision, Innovision 2k17 had a plethora of events, guest lectures and workshops to offer.

YouTube Filmmaking Workshop” by Vishwajeet Dash was one of the most colourful and interactive sessions to be hosted by NITR. Scheduled to start at 9:30 AM in the Seminar Hall of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, the event was delayed until 12:30 PM due to some technical glitches.

With a change of location from seminar hall to EC 138 and all arrangements in place, the workshop began and it showed an active participation of more than 70 students. With a quest of getting an insight on how to build a YouTube channel and how to streamline their already fuelled passion, all these participants chose this workshop for the answer to their queries.

In the session that followed, one phrase was stressed upon many times by Vishwajeet Dash,

Its always about you and your story.

The articles provides an insight into the story of transformation of Vishwajeet Dash to JustVish.

Hailing from a hardcore corporate background and working in Bangalore at the Royal Bank of Scotland(RBS) for 10 years, it was a difficult situation and risky choice that made him come back to Bhubaneswar, his hometown for his family. It was then the dilemma of the feeling of being out of place in one’s own hometown that Vishwajeet Dash could see the stories that were flowing through the city yet remained unnoticed. Thus, this opportunity and his interest in storytelling through the AV medium (which he imbibed in with a failed start-up that dealt in the same lines) made him create the YouTube channel JustVish and thus began a journey from 0 to 8000 plus subscribers and over 8 lakh views, all of which amassed within a year.

Followed by his introduction, he analysed 3 of his videos that belonged to his expedition Bandhavgarh diaries.Through the series of videos, he went on instructing as to how to improve guirella shooting technique so as to capture the most natural reactions to people’s expressions and even to natural incidents. This was followed by various tips and tricks on how to invest in gear and apparels.

Vishwajeet Dash also mentioned to how YouTube works and that monetising YouTube needs a lot of patience and is somewhat overrated.

The most important part of starting a channel is knowing what one wants to show, for me it was pretty clear that I wanted to be a storyteller, and thus churning out videos just for the sake of it wouldn’t have please me and so I would suggest all the beginners to stick to a content and then once good enough , one should aim to raise the frequency of uploads for better subscriber rate and better views”.

As a beginner, all a content creator needs is a simple audio recorder and a video recording device.So, he asked the aspirants to invest in a mid-range and decent audio and video device which is quite easily available. He also showed the crowd his equipment which included a point & shoot camera and an external mike.Along with that, he gave some tips and tricks on how to invest on a workstation and how to balance a day life (the normal jobs) and still efficiently fuel one’s passion.

Upon asking some attendees, their reaction was very positive about the content of the workshop, a common compliment being the interactive nature the workshop, but then again the students felt pissed off about the delay in the initiation of the workshop.


The workshop was delayed by approximately 2 hours and upon asking the coordinators Sanket Pati & Shivam Sharma, they were quoted saying

The room alloted to us was the EC seminar hall and its hadnt opened till 9:25 AM, whereas the rooms are supposed to open by 8:30 AM.Even the workshop manager Mr. Shubham Gupta was not responding to our calls.It was due to the activeness of Prof. A.K Swain, as he came to the location and made the necessary calls, arranging us with 2 rooms.Then again the rooms we got had faulty projectors, which was sorted with further aid . It was already 12:30 PM when we were ready and up & running.

As one can gauge from the above excerpt that there some really bad mismanagement and the cancellation of already allocated rooms not only cause a problem in coordination but gives a bad impression of the college to the outside attendees, as it shows a lack of in-house communication and unity.

Watch the video here

Thus Team MM hopes for a better conduction of future events and fests alike, and a vote of thanks to Vishwajeet Dash for being a part of Innovision 2017.


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