Building Wonders, But Sustainably : SMTBF-2017

Building Wonders, But Sustainably : SMTBF-2017

Swaha Swayamsiddha | Nov 13, 2017

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Science and technology have revolutionized the world, but also caused it great harm. Now that humans have reached a stage where acute development is not urgent, one can stand still and think of how to give back to the world and prevent one’s surroundings from degrading further, by using science and technology itself. Civil Engineering is also doing its bit in improving the materials and methods used for construction and aiming for wholesome, optimal and sustainable development.

With this in mind and the end of the autumn semester in sight, the Department of Civil Engineering conducted a seminar on Sustainable Materials and Technology for Better Future (SMTBF-2017) on 11th and 12th November. Jointly organized by the Institution of Engineers (India), Rourkela Local Centre, and NITR’s Department of Civil Engineering, the seminar drew attention from professors and scholars from all over India. The seminar took place in the seminar hall of the Civil Engineering Department and began at 10 AM on Day-1. It dispersed for lunch at around 1.30 PM and began again, an hour later to continue till evening. Day-2 saw a single session, starting at 10.30 AM and ending well into the afternoon.

The seminar covered many discussion topics including the new and upcoming use of nanotechnology in construction materials. Research on this is still ongoing and hence, the keynote speech, presented by Dr Bibhuti Bhusan Mukharjee and Dr Sudhirkumar V Barai, from VSSUT, Burla and IIT, Kharagpur respectively, was based on this. They spoke about recycled aggregate concrete, manufactured using nanotechnology and its pros over natural aggregate concrete, which could in future replace what one sees today.

The other keynote speech was presented by the Convenor and Organising Secretary of the Seminar, Prof. Shishir Kumar Sahu. Prof. Sahu, hailing from the Department of Civil Engineering, NIT, Rourkela, spoke at length about utilization of fly ash in structural applications for sustainable constructions. The seminar looked into various materials that can be recycled or other new and innovative materials that can be used in construction and civil engineering to build a sustainable, better future. Compressive strengths, the impact of loads and other factors of these materials were also discussed. Researchers, scholars, and professors hailing from all over India attended this seminar. Abstracts of various papers by the scholars and professors were also sent out and discussed.

Seeing as Civil Engineers are responsible for the infrastructure on which the world is built and they provide a base for its expansion and exponential growth, it is critical that they work in harmony with nature, without causing much harm to the environment. Such seminars work in the interest of all and apprise the world about the necessity of sustainable development.

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