A Prolific Convergence: Roots 2017

A Prolific Convergence: Roots 2017

Being first of its kind, Creative Confluence: ROOTS 2k17 was a fiesta which had a concept that was different from the regular fests that are conducted at NITR. Organized by the Film and Music Society, SAC along with some prominent creative thinkers and a small team of hardworking individuals, the first edition was held on 1st and 2nd of April and witnessed the footfall of 12 pioneers in the field of public speaking, art, music, poetry, travel, photography and filmmaking. They participated in seminars and interactive sessions throughout the span of these two days, where they shared their journey in their respective fields. Team MM brings you a brief report on the happenings of these two days.

Day 1

Darshan Gajara

Darshan Gajara who believes in the mantra of ‘When tech meets design, it creates wonders’. Darshan Gajara provided the perfect kick-starter for the confluence with his interactive session on the topic ‘Product Design, Blogging and Freelancing’. There was an air of excitement surrounding the venue as everybody was awestruck with the sheer creativity of the man. Mr. Gajara also took questions and clarified the doubts of budding techies and designers.

Saptarishi Prakash

Saptarishi Prakash being an alumnus of IIT Madras is a freelance graphic designer and presently the senior interaction designer at ‘Directi-Zeta’. He conducted an interactive session on ‘UX Choreography and Motion Design’. In his two-hour stint, he was able to captivate the minds of the youth present and had an interactive question and answer session with them. Many could immediately relate to his ideologies and came out with smiling faces once the workshop was over. 

Amartya Bhattacharya

Being awarded the national award for best cinematography for his non-feature film ‘Benares - The Unexplored Attachments’, Amartya Bhattacharya is one of the leading filmmakers in the country. He started by speaking about filmmaking and how he utilizes music to depict things in his movies. There were a lot of questions from zealous participants, to which he promptly responded. Moving on, he spoke about photography and the constituents of a frame. Mr. Bhattacharya spoke about how he brings out a character by depicting their brain, as he believed that it is the state of mind, which describes a character.

During his discussion, he was quoted as saying,

Bollywood only depicts characters as black as white, which is untrue. Actual characters are grey and I as a filmmaker focus on that.

Annesha Dutta

Annesha Dutta, H2 Director of Toastmasters International organization and founder at AskAnnie spoke about ‘How to be a public speaker’.

She began with what a general human beings inhibitions were and how they shape themselves up. Since it was an interactive session, she described her life beautifully to her audience while satiating their curiosity at the same time. She concluded her session with a presentation on public speaking and everyone left with satisfactory smiles.

Rufus Reynolds and Karteek Sivagouni

Rufus Reynolds a.k.a ‘Ramu Kaka’ on Instagram is an amateur photographer who earns through clicking while traveling and is the founder of ‘Streets of India’. Karteek Sivagouni, a fashion photographer combined with Mr. Reynolds to talk about photography with the latter focusing on travel photography. Rufus kick-started the proceedings by talking about his profession and in the process explaining about photography while traveling. Rufus kept on repeating that he was not a photographer and he was able to get funding by companies by clicking photographs on the go! Mr. Karteek spoke about the technicalities of composing photographs. The event then proceeded to discussion amongst the guest and the audience. Both of them invited people to join them on their voyage!

Day 2

Ranganath Krishnamani

A multi-disciplinary designer specializing in illustration, user experience, and art direction. He draws inspiration from vintage architecture, street art, and machinery. Ranganath Krishnamani works as a senior experience designer at Adobe India and doubles up as a freelance illustrator after work hours. On his visit to NIT-Rourkela, he gave a talk on “Design Basics: Illustration and Typography”.

The lecture started with Ranganath working the audience through his projects. The first one was based on monuments of India. The second one, a set of illustrations named "The Indian Pushcarts", wherein he had rendered illustrations of various pushcarts sans the vendors. The third one was a work in progress in collaboration with Google, wherein he is making illustrations of people around him using basic shapes and some witty one-liners. The fourth one, Beyond, is a typography and lettering based project where he had related the word Beyond to the outer space and rendered a beautiful illustration for the same.

Pushpangana Singh and Ditsa Bhattacharya

Pushpangana Singh and Ditsa Bhattacharya from Delhi University gave a lecture on Spoken Word poetry. They have an unregistered organization with the same propaganda called Euphoric Epiphanies. The event was an interactive and an informal discussion. The event consisted of five rounds with five stages. The audience were given five assignments on creating poetry. Videos of slam poetry were screened as well. The audience were encouraged to read out their poetry in the course of the session. In the epilogue, they read out their poetry thus concluding the session.

Paresh Khatri

A freelance designer and developer who loves working with digital products visited the campus on this occasion. Brought up in Surat and raised in an atmosphere not conducive to learning, he mastered many things in the later part of his life including spoken English.

The concept of his lecture was User Experience and Visual Design, the primary discussion being about UX and UI. His discussion involved references to his projects in Russia and his development of GOMO to segregate contacts and notifications. A person who mastered his interests from the internet garnered discussed about his twelve years long career in the design business and focused on discussions on Mangaly and Floc.

Ashay Gangwar

Ashay Gangwar is the founder of Camera and Shorts which is dedicated to the making of travel documentaries. An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, his venture has traveled across the country in search of stories. In the first edition of Roots, he conducted a session on ‘It’s OK not to know what you want to do’.

Here he explained about how he was confused in the beginning of his journey about which line to pursue, how his venture started, how at a point of time he felt his idea to be failing and how he emerged out of this. He also briefly discussed movie making.

Charu Choudha

Charu Choudha is an illustrator and product designer having worked with companies like Adobe and Zomato. After graduating from NIFT Mumbai, she took a career in designing of doodles that depict humorous takes on everyday lives. In her seminar on ‘Designing for Products’, she discussed the main aspects of becoming a pro in doodling and sketch noting and the ideas she implemented in revamping the current app of Zomato.

Harsh Vardhan Singh

Harsh Vardhan Singh, an alumnus of NIT Durgapur is a personality who left a lucrative corporate job and calls from IIMs to pursue a career in filmmaking and has launched his venture named Paper Weight Entertainment. It produces quality films of different genres, one of which was premiered at Cannes Film Festival. In his seminar on ‘Digital Filmmaking and Online Video content scenario’, he gave a brief introduction on filmmaking, various domains of digital filmmaking, gave examples of some of his famous low budget short digital movies and presented clips of his journey from square one to today.

Nimisha Verma 

Nimisha Verma is a free-spirited painter, writer, traveler, model, photographer and basically a person who believes that every individual deserves the right to fly free and give wings to his/her passion and dreams. After leaving her home, she opened Home for Artists in Jaipur for traveling artists.

In her seminar on ‘Time doesn’t heal, you heal’ she spoke of the importance of letting one heal by continuous self-effort than letting life take its course. The session also incorporated discussion on self-freedom and mental peace.

Samyak Das, one of the members of the core team who organized roots was quoted as saying,

The idea was pitched by Abodid Sahoo three months back but the execution took time as it was tough to convince the Director and the SAC officials. This creative confluence would certainly help the standard of the creative clubs in NITR in the long run. Neha Pattnaik and Abodid Sahoo were the ones who led the small team and ensured that the guests received good hospitality. It was a proud moment for us to have made it possible at the ending of the financial year and we are looking to conduct it in the autumn semester the next time around.

On getting in touch with Abodid Sahoo, he quoted,

The sessions were quite productive. With this excellent line up of speakers, we should have given some more time to publicity. The organizing team was the best part who left no stones unturned for the hospitality of the guests. Neha, Samyak, Abhijit, Rites and everyone including the web and graphic designing team did a commendable job. With this long line up, we had a time crunch there by leading to clashing of sessions. Overall it was indeed a great learning and networking experience. Last but not the least I would like to thank FMS for its support to us.

With witty lectures, interactive sessions and workshops which provided an out of the box thinking platform to everyone, Roots managed to create an exclusive space for itself in the busy calendar of NITR. The method of conduction of invited guests was definitely out of the ordinary and was able to capture the audience's minds. Leaving aside a few organizational problems on the second day, the event received praises from the students who attended it as it provided them a break from the traditional cultural or technical fest.


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