Zenith of Soaring Acumen: Prof. Santanu Kumar Behera

Zenith of Soaring Acumen: Prof. Santanu Kumar Behera

Payal Das Ankit Kumar Panda | Jan 08, 2018

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A short-term course on Design & Simulation of Antennas and Microwave Devices was conducted in the institute premises from 11th-15th December, coordinated by Prof. S.K. Behera, of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. He has brought laurels to the institute by bagging one of the highly acclaimed fellowships in the world, the Endeavour Executive Fellowship and by representing the institute on an international pedestal as a visiting faculty

The third edition of the course was led by Prof. Santanu Behera and two of his Ph.D. scholars, Mr. B. Dwivedy and Mr. T.K. Das. Overall, 25 participants from across the nation attended the course which consisted of 15 professors and 10 research scholars. Some B.Tech. students from our institute also registered for the course.

It was a paid course intending to give the participants an exposure in the field of Microwave and Antennas and RF(Radio-frequency) Communication through simulation and measurement techniques. The morning hours were dedicated for theory sessions which were followed by lab classes in the afternoon. It ended with a practical session in the Anechoic Chamber on the last day. 

Prof. Behera also visited the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok (AIT, Bangkok) as a visiting faculty for a duration of three and half months. There were eight other faculty members from NITs and IITs accompanying him as visiting faculty members, he was the only one from NIT, Rourkela. He taught the students specializing in the topics of Telecommunication and Information Communication Technologies.

He also visited the Thammasat institute (Rangsit campus) and the Kasetsart University, Bangkok. He had been visiting the institutes as a guest lecture under the Collaboration policy of the MHRD, India. This was what he had to say when asked about the institute in comparison to NIT, Rourkela:

There the institutes are calm, peaceful but they lack the facilities which are available in our institute. Most of the professors working till the wee hours of night are Indians. On the academic curriculum front, it is almost similar to us but an important difference is that they have Open Book tests. Another major difference is that they have job fairs as compared to our year-long placement drive.

After getting the fellowship, he will be now proceeding to the Monash University, Clayton in Australia as a visitor and researcher in the department of Electrical and Computer Systems. He shall be doing his research work under the able guidance of Professor Nemai Karmakar. The duration of his stay at the Monash University will be from 1st of February to the 31st of May. He was quoted saying:

I had also applied for it last year but could not get it. I applied again and was able to seal my place this time. I am expecting good collaborative work and to gain a life-time experience.




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