Celebrating Milestone: 1992 Alumni Silver Jubilee Celebration

Celebrating Milestone: 1992 Alumni Silver Jubilee Celebration

Mrinal Chaudhury Yash Shah | Jan 08, 2018

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The 4-5 years spent acquiring professional education in an institute is the most significant period of one’s life, not quantitatively, but qualitatively. It is not just a conspicuous matter that a majority of us owe our careers, but also, our most valuable life lessons to our alma mater. Upon completion of 25 years of graduation of the batch of 1992 of Regional Engineering College, Rourkela (As NITR was known earlier), a three-day alumni gathering “Unite-2017” was successfully organized at the institute from 23rd to 25th December 2017. As the banner hung outside Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium proclaimed, Unite -2017 was an immaculately organized event focusing on recollection and rejoicing upon how far the batch has come.


The event commenced on an informal and cheerful note in the afternoon of 23rd December with a picnic at Hanuman Vatika for the families of the alumni, followed by a tour of the city and a lively evening hosted at Hotel Radhika. On the second day, registrations were initiated at 10:00 AM in the BBA Lawns. Alumni received a red carpet welcome and the afternoon was spent in Live Interviews. Post-Lunch, the alumni got a chance to traverse and explore the now expanded campus, including the new departmental buildings and labs. The spirit of fun and laughter was kept alive as the evening progressed with outdoor games at Dilip Tirkey Stadium. The day wrapped up with a musical evening and cocktails at the Rourkela Club, in which the alumni got ample opportunities to relive old tales. The meet was inaugurated at the Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium on the morning of 25th December at 10 AM. A total of 102 alumni members along with their family members came for this special gathering. The conveners for this event were Mr Manas Panda from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Surya Dash from Department of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation. The functions and events took place according to the schedule and there was no such delay or glitch observed.  Prof Somnath Mishra who was also the former Principal of the institute was the Chief Guest, while Prof Animesh Biswas, Director, NIT Rourkela and Prof Sukadev Meher, Dean of Alumni Relations were the guests of honour. The ceremony was hosted by Ms.Prativa Mohapatra, a graduate of the Department of Computer Science as well. The Director Prof.Animesh Biswas addressed the gathering with his speech on developments that have taken place in the institute in the past decade, highlighting major transformations and initiatives that the institute has taken. He also expressed his feelings for the changes he wants to bring in the institute and how can alumni play a pivotal role in achieving this. He emphasized upon the initiatives like the Best Teacher Award and the Academic Curriculum Revision to propel the development of the institute. It was also brought to notice by him that NITR is competing in a programme being organized by the Government of India, to identify 10 premier institutes of the nation which will be provided with a grant of INR 1000 Crores each, and he appealed to the alumni to help NITR come in the listing. Former Principal and Chief Guest of the occasion Prof. Somnath Mishra enlivened and enlightened the gathering with his address. He recounted tales of the establishment of Regional Engineering College, Rourkela and the highs and lows the institute has witnessed since then. He also emphasized on the need of NIT Rourkela and the rest of the institutes to move forward to come at par with the quality of higher education provided by the best institutes in the world. He further elucidated on the role of alumni, as the 4th and one of the most important pillars of the institute in taking the institute to new heights. The inaugural speeches concluded with the address of the Convener, Mr Manas Panda, who talked about the agenda of the meet. The meet reconnected 250 out of the 320 alumni of the batch of 1992, out of which 102 attended the meet. The ceremony concluded with the felicitation of several professors who served REC during 1992, by the alumni of the respective branches.

Team Monday Morning caught up with Mr Manas Panda, about how the feat of organizing the meet was achieved. The following is an excerpt from the conversation.

It was realized a few months back that our batch will be completing 25 years of Graduation in 2017. We all realized and felt a strong need to reconnect with our batch mates and alma mater. We thought of organizing a meet in the institute itself, and tried to reach out to our batch mates through social media and WhatsApp groups. Eventually, 250 of us got reconnected.102 out of them came down to the occasion too.

In a conversation with Ms.Prativa Mohapatra and Mr Manas Panda, Team MM found about the initiatives the batch wishes to take in a bid to give back to the alma mater. The batch wishes to extend its support to the institute in the form of publicity and outreach to procure funds from the government under the programme enlisting top 10 Institutes of India. The alumnus corpus fund, which is at a nascent stage, was also proposed to be developed upon further to provide opportunities to the students of the institute at the time of need. In addition to that, several alumni also propose to help organize industry oriented courses within the institute to help bridge the gap between industry requirements and NITR.

The meet concluded on a very positive and nostalgic note with a cultural evening in the Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium wherein, friendships were rekindled and memories relived.

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