The Rural Refinement: Workshop by Department of Humanities

The Rural Refinement: Workshop by Department of Humanities

Manasa Pisipati | Jan 09, 2018

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The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, NSS Unit conducted a Workshop from 8th November 2017 to 10th November 2017 in coordination with the National Council of Rural Institutes, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Hyderabad. The workshop titled ‘Common Core Curriculum for Rural Engagement’ was held to promote Rural Community Engagement among the students.  It was inaugurated by Prof. KK Mahapatra (Dean Academics). Here is a list of the attendees:

  • Dr. DN Dash (Academic Program Specialist-Guest of Honour)
  • Mr. DP Patnaik (IIS (Retd.) Curriculum Development Specialist-Chief Speaker),
  • Prof. RK Biswal (Convener of Workshop),
  • Dr. NR Mishra (Keynote Address),
  • Dr. JP Kar (Presented papers)
  • Dr. DP Acharya (Presented papers).

Many research scholars were also seen attending and participating in this 3-day workshop.

The participants of the workshop felt the need for the presence of a Certified or Credit Point system that covers policies, programs, planning, coordination of rural communities in India. The participants suggested that the curriculum should be broken down into a 50% Theory and 50% Classroom course. The NCRI encourages students to use their skills and knowledge to help in growth and development of the Rural Community.

The process for development of the course is as follows:

A group of volunteers will be sent to various villages across the country to gain an understanding of the current scenario and problems faced in the Rural sector of our country. Considering these experiences, a panel of professors at NITR will prepare a structure and content of the syllabus to be included in the Rural Engagement Course. Based on the suggestions of the NITR professors, the course will be introduced in the Institute once a MoU has been signed between NITR and NCRI, Hyderabad.

The course structure is currently being developed based on experiences of a group of volunteers who visited three villages on 10 November 2017.The introduction of such a course in the institute curriculum will widen the scope of projects for the Humanities Department Students and Research Scholars.

Team Monday Morning congratulates the department for a successful workshop.

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