The Indefinite Denial

The Indefinite Denial

Team MM | Jan 09, 2018

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Dear Readers,

Team MM regrets to inform you that, we will not be able to publish any further editions of the Chief Warden Column. The section has been suspended for an indefinite period of time. Despite repeated requests for an interview via multiple channels, Chief Warden, Prof. M.R. Barik, denied us an interview without citing any specific reason. All attempts to secure an appointment failed, and we will be unable to publish any further installment of the CWC until further notice. Readers are requested to re-direct their queries through Ask-a-Question, which would be taken up with the respective wardens of the halls of residences.

Team MM published a monthly edition of the Chief Warden column, with the last interview published on 13 February 2017. 

The link to the previous Chief Warden’s Column: From Atypical Aspects

The link to all the previous Chief Warden’s Column:  Chief Warden Column


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