Futuristic skills: Short term course on Industrial Robots

Futuristic skills: Short term course on Industrial Robots

Mrinal Chaudhury | Jan 15, 2018

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Automation of the industries is a phenomenon which is not predicted to show regression anytime soon. It is predicted that use of robots in the industry will see a boom of unprecedented magnitudes. While the loss of jobs due to automation may be a forfeit for some individuals, it is the engineers who unearth opportunities in every scenario. Keeping in mind the design, construction, and optimisation of industrial robotics, a short-term course titled ‘Optimization techniques in Industrial Robotics’ was organized by the Department of Industrial Design in partnership with the Creative Automation Lab, from December 21st-December 23rd, 2017.

The intended beneficiaries of the course were students (Undergraduates, Post Graduates of Ph.D. scholars), Delegates from Research & Development Institutes and other Academic Institutes, delegates from the Industry as well as delegates from foreign countries.

The contents of the course were as follows:

  • Introduction to Robotics: Classification, System Architecture, Locomotion and Applications.
  • Motion Analysis of Various Robots: Industrial Robots and Wheeled Mobile Robots.
  • Actuators and Sensors in Robotics.
  • Robotics in welding, Assembly and grasping applications
  • Optimization techniques of mobile robot navigation.
  • Optimization techniques of Industrial robot trajectory planning.
  • Optimization techniques of assembly sequence planning.
  • Real-time Projects: Assembly & Interfacing of various robots for specific tasks.

The registrations for the course had a deadline of 25th November 2017. The Instructor of the course was Prof. B.B.V.L Deepak of the Department of Industrial Design. He is graduate in Mechanical Engineering from the J.N.T University in Hyderabad. He acquired his Masters in Technology from N.I.T Rourkela in Machine Design and Analysis, and Ph.D. in Robotics and Automation from NIT Rourkela as well. His areas of specialization are Machines & Mechanisms, Mechatronics, Industrial Robots, Autonomous Guided Vehicles, Algorithm Development for Trajectory. He had the following to say with regards to the objective of the course,

In the present era, Robotics has accentuated in industrial applications. The course intended to equip participants with the broad knowledge and essential skills necessary to develop robotic systems for practical applications with optimised conditions. It was a project based course supported by state of art laboratory facilities provided in NITR.

The course saw an engaging populace of 10, who belonged to different institutes across India as well as a few Industry delegates.

Team MM congratulates the organizers of the course and earnestly hopes that such ventures are carried out with an optimal frequency for the benefit of the engineering community.





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