Swaha Swayamsiddha | Jan 15, 2018

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The Department of Civil Engineering definitely had an eventful autumn semester. Research work, projects and seminars kept both the faculty and the students busy. Final year students of the department also had a satisfactory odd semester. On contacting the Placement Coordinator for the fourth year B.Tech. students of the department, Abhiram Chebrolu said that placement scenario of the 2017-18 sessions has been better when compared to the previous years. Students have received 23 offers for jobs by 10th of January, whereas the total number of offers last session was 24. A majority of the undergraduate students have already been placed and the coordinators are doing their best to rope in new companies for the process. The situation is also looking good for the dual degree students currently in their final year at college. The last couple of years had been bleak but things are catching up fast. On contacting the Placement Coordinator for the fifth year Dual Degree students, Snigdha Mohapatra said that there have been seven job offers till 10 January 2018, in which 6 students have already been placed; an upgrade from last session’s total of 8 job offers and 8 placements.

The Department of Civil engineering receives two types of projects under the heads; Research and Sponsored projects and Consultancy projects. Research and sponsored projects are proposed by the professors, students or faculty, and may constitute a problem discovered by them. This is then presented to the funding agency for the benefit of the society only. In Consultancy projects, the funding agency faces a problem and approaches the Department looking for a solution and a proposal on how to fix it. In both the cases, the funding is done by an external agency; however in the sponsored research project, the faculty can use those funds only for minor official and miscellaneous purpose or for supporting the students. In consultancy projects, the people working for it as well as the institute receive a cut from the funds. This is because such projects require the use of institute’s property like laboratories, equipment etc. as well as the faculties’ and students’ help. This also improves the department’s relations with many industries, companies, and sectors. The Department of Civil Engineering receives a high number of consultancy projects, far more than any other department. Compared to this, the number of research and sponsored projects is a lot less. The department has received many projects regarding designing, planning and checking of plans for upcoming structures and constructions from all over Odisha; especially Bhubaneswar and Rourkela.

Students of the department are leaning and focusing on research as well. The odd semester saw the Water Resource specialization of the department publish nearly 10 papers authored by the Dual Degree and M.Tech students. To give this a further boost, Prof. Pradip Sarkar, a professor of the department attended the 39th International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) conference held in Vancouver, Canada during the month of September. There he presented a paper on plotting of seismic fragility curves by a research scholar of the department. Such platforms motivate students to research and come up with ways of benefiting the society.

Not many students are able to attend international and national symposiums and conferences; those who do fund such trip themselves. The institute can reimburse for nearly fifty percent of the expenses, with the maximum limit being one lakh Indian rupees. This facility is only available to the research scholars; not meant for the students pursuing their master’s and bachelor’s degrees. For the department to grow and excel; this needs to change so that the students can benefit and learn.

The oldest branch of engineering continues to do well and prosper at NITR. Barring space constraints, no new equipment, poor maintenance and an age-old line or module of study and teaching, the department has many resources and talents lined up to awe the world. Team MM wishes them a wonderful start to a new year and a new semester.


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