Aiming For the Zenith

Aiming For the Zenith

Nishanth | Jan 22, 2018

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As another semester wrapped up, The Department of Mining Engineering has produced a plethora of achievements and has managed to raise the bar of our Institute. Team MM presents you a glimpse of these feats.

R&D Projects

Science and Technology project (S&T) titled “Development of TDR Based Wireless System for Slope Stability Monitoring in Opencast Mines”, sponsored by the Ministry of Mines- Government of India(GOI) is currently on the verge of completion. Prof. S. Jayanthu is the Principal investigator for the project.

Consultancy Projects

The department has managed to earn a good number of consultancy projects of which Prof. S. Jayanthu managed to acquire four:

  • Slope Stability studies and monitoring by suitable instruments at DongriBuzurg mine, MOIL
  • Scientific Study on ground movement observation for two dumps at Ostapal Chromite mine, M/s FACOR Ltd.
  • Scientific Study on strata controls investigations to determine the behaviour of strata during extraction of depillaring panel 122 LW of Churcha Mine East, SECL. Along with Prof. Jayathu, the co-investigators of this project are Prof. L.P. Roy from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Prof. P.M. Khilar from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Scientific Study on roof behaviour through underground instrumentation and monitoring of goaf atmosphere for the proposed Blasting gallery Panels of No 3 seam at GDK 11 incline-RG-1 Area, SCCL. Again, in this project, Prof. L.P. Roy is a co-investigator the same.


Prof. Bhatu Ku. Pal managed to receive a consultancy project titled “Scientific Study on Controlled Deep Hole Drilling and Blasting and related activities” from Asehar Coal Mines of Palamau District, Jharkhand.

Prof. H.B. Sahu managed to acquire two consultancy projects which are as follows:

  • Scientific study & complementation of rainwater harvesting & recharging of groundwater in respect of Bangur Chromite site, OMC
  • Effective utilization of coals from Korba Area SECL.


Prof. D. P. Tripathy, Head of the Department, attended the 2nd International Conference on Pollution Control and Sustainable Environment during October 5-6, 2017 at London, United Kingdom. He also submitted a paper on “Physico-chemical of airborne particulate matter in and around a mechanized O/C coal mine” -A case study.

Prof. Amit Kumar Gorai attended the 14th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Environmental Health Research at Mississippi, the USA during September 10-13, 2017.

Prof. S. Jayanthu attended the International Conference & Expo on Mining Industry Vision 2030 and beyond on December 8, 2016, at Nagpur and presented a technical paper on “Innovative Application of Wireless Systems for Online Monitoring of Slope- Vision for future”. He also attended the 6th International Conference on Computing Communication and Sensor Network, CCSN 2017, during 30-31 December 2017 in Kolkata, West Bengal as Co-Chairman of ICCSN 2017 and delivered a talk on “Recent Research Works on Detection and Estimation of Slope Behaviour in opencast mines- application of TDR and WSN systems”.


Prof. D.P. Tripathy conducted PhD examinations for two students of IIT, Bombay, and ISM, Dhanbad in November and December 2017 respectively.He was also invited as BOS member in Mining Engineering at Aditya Engg. College, Samalkot, Andhra Pradesh.

Prof. Amit Kumar Gorai secured the Endeavour Executive Fellowship 2017 of Australian Government for visiting University of New South Wales, Australia.


Prof. D.P. Tripathy is currently working on a book titled “Mine Safety Science and Engineering: Health & Disaster Management” which would be published by CRC Press soon.

Prof. Amit Kumar Gorai got two of his books published which are:

  • “A complete guide for Mining Engineers”. It was published by Lovely Prakashan, Dhanbad in 2018.
  • An edited book “Sustainable Mining Practices” was published by NAROSA Publications in 2017.

The department has produced 2 PhDs this semester and hopes to increase the number to 12 by the end of summer, this year. The department also has plans to conduct a workshop and a training programme for industrial participants in March 2018.

Team MM wishes the Department of Mining Engineering the very best for its future endeavours and hopes that the development juggernaut is never brought to an end.


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