Samikshya | Jan 29, 2018

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Ahead and ahead, this department’s progress has journeyed against all ordeals and still continues to cross all boundaries. This timely update of the department shall envisage the current status of the department.

Being a department of pure science, the need of proper scientific instruments to aid in various experiments and researches is inevitable. Since July 2017, the department had been relentlessly competing for incentives from the R & D department of DST. This month, the efforts were rewarded and amongst all other institutes, NIT Rourkela’s Department of Chemistry received a huge sum of INR 2.2 crores(the highest amount received by any department of the institute ever). It has been decided that with that money, a single-crystal XRD shall be purchased which shall make research easier and boost the progress of the department. This device is available in very few well-known institutes of the country and quite proudly NIT Rourkela shall very soon possess one of them. Also a device capable of HRMS (High-resolution mass spectrometry) shall be bought soon within six months.

During the winter break, many infrastructural developments had been carried out. Gas connections were upgraded to avoid chances of leakage and all laboratories were inspected for any faults. There are plans for establishing a glass blowing section so as to reuse the broken glasses and fabricate them into something new. This endeavor shall also be useful for other departments.

Being a research-oriented division of the institute, many projects are been hoisted under its domain. In this academic year, two new projects have been initiated. ‘Unravelling the role of home in bacterioferritin’ is a project sponsored by SERB and the other project ‘Exploiting the potential usage of ferritin cage as nanosink, nanoreactor and nanocarrier for biomedical applications’ is sponsored by DBT. Both are handled by Prof. Rabindra Kumar Behera. HOD, Prof. Saurav Chatterjee commented,

DST SERB projects aren’t easy to get but we got 3 projects out of which one has been successfully completed and other two shall get completed sooner.


In the month of August 2017, a long drawn plan of inviting students from St.Arnolds to enhance their scientific knowledge was executed successfully. It was a 2-days program in which chosen experiments were performed by the faculty to enlighten the younger minds. They were explained the aim and motive of the experiments and the future scopes of those domains were introduced to them. The students reciprocated with much enthusiasm and fervor and the program exceeded its time limit.


It has been decided that during 14th to 18th of February 2018, a workshop on ‘Recent Trends in Chemical Science and its Industrial and Biological Relevance (RTCSIBR)’ shall be conducted in the institute premises. The workshop would be a showcase for various techniques in the areas of Organic, Inorganic, Physical, Industrial and Biological Chemistry providing a forum for the researchers, teachers, and students to participate and discuss recent challenges and exciting methodologies that continue to emerge. The chairman of the event, Prof. Saurav Chatterjee mentioned,

Our country is a premium exporter of medicines for several countries of the world, yet companies from pharmaceutical industry do not come to recruit our students. We have, therefore, planned to engage pharmaceutical people in these workshops so that they get in touch with our students and can create training and placement scope for our students in this sector.


The department of chemistry has been growing and evolving since its inception and is gradually progressing towards a brighter horizon. Quite effectively it is providing a healthy environment for the holistic development of its students.



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