A Spectrum Of Initiatives: TnP Happenings Of The Week

A Spectrum Of Initiatives: TnP Happenings Of The Week

Sweety Shukla Ankit Kumar Panda | Jan 29, 2018

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The Training and Placement Centre had a very eventful week, where they conducted multiple sessions to broaden the aspirations of students. This week marked the launch of Amdocs Innovation Lab 2.0, and a session on foreign internships, where final year students of different branches gave an insight into several prestigious research programs. Team MM presents to you a detailed note of the happenings: 

23 January 2018, BBA 

The Tuesday afternoon saw a talk being given by the Amdocs Innovation Expert, Mr. Leo Paulose. He had been to the Institute for the launch of Amdocs Innovation Lab 2.0. Taking time out of his busy schedule, he gave a presentation to the NITR Junta on Disruptive Innovation and its impacts on the industry. Leo Paulose was accompanied by the Placement Manager for Amdocs, Mr. Sanjay.

The talk began at 3:30 pm and continued for two hours covering the topics of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, the impacts of these technologies on the various sectors of the industry and corporate world. The session began with Leo mainly focusing on the current disconnect between the students, the faculties, and developments of the corporate world. He further went on to say that these sessions were mainly organized to remove this huge gap and bring everyone at par with the industries.

Amdocs India conducts a program called Innovation Lab, in which the students from 6 different colleges of India form teams and take part in real life projects. The top 5 among the 18 teams get an opportunity to display their idea in front of industrialists and the winning team is awarded by Amdocs.

Further, he moved on to show how different industries got affected by the disruption in some other industry, such as the hospitals and insurance companies incurring losses due to organ printing being possible through the 3D printing technology, digital cameras knocking the film based cameras out of the market. The use of machine learning and deep learning and the way these technologies are impacting the industry and bringing out new disruptions every day were also shared with the audience. 

The session concluded with a video being shown on the application of Machine Learning in defence. He further exemplified that the defence industry has not exploited the features of AI very much and has a huge scope for development. Leo stated at the end:

Everybody sitting right in this room has the power to make the impossible happen, the question is if you want to.

24 January 2018, BBA

The session on the second day was about NITRAA and its widespread activities. The event started with a brief introduction to what NITRAA is and the teams that are associated with NITRAA. The website team is responsible for handling the website content. The database team has been looking after updating the alumni database, which they have done successfully up to the year of 1980. The newsletter team is responsible for looking after the quarterly publication of the NITRAA newsletter, the latest one being expected in February 2018. And the last is the design and photography team, as the name suggests, its role is to look after the design and photography of various NITRAA events. But these are operational teams and the focus of NITRAA in the financial year 2018-19 is to build strategic teams with more involvement of students.

Leo then further emphasized on the progress of NITRAA in the last two years and how it can help the students of NITR. He also gave an update on the NITRAA Pune meet. He then moved on to the student-alumni associated projects that are going to be initiated soon. The alumni shall be providing the projects for the benefit of the institute and the blueprints shall be given; for which the students shall be applying depending on their field of interest and the selected ones shall be doing the projects.

The NITRAA session lasting for one and a half hour majorly saw an attendance of nearly 80 students. Along with the projects, the event was also to notify the students about the teams of NITRAA and the induction process for the same. The students were made aware of the contributions of NITRAA for the progress of the institute in the current academic year, and the sum amounted to 1.5 crore INR under the combined aegis of the alumni.

The event concluded with Leo saying that if the students are interested, then NITRAA can achieve much more and give a huge array of opportunities to the people of NITR.

24 January 2018, TIIR Auditorium 

Parallel to this, there was a session organized for foreign internships by the Training and Placement Cell, NIT Rourkela wherein the final year students, who have had experience in foreign research internships of international repute like MITACS, DAAD, Viterbi, Charpak and SN Bose Scholarship Program, among many others, had come to interact with the first, second and third year students across all branches. The session started at 5.30 PM according to the schedule. The event witnessed an enthusiastic participation with a huge number of students coming in and filling up the vast auditorium.

The session kick-started with the final year students Prabhu Chandan and Surabhi Bhuyan from the Department of Civil Engineering narrating about their experience with Charpak Scholarship at Ifsttar institute, France. All the speakers spoke about the application process, essential preparatory steps, their internship experience and the further benefits of pursuing such an internship. After their ten minutes’ talk, they opened the discussion to the audience wherein the curious students asked their doubts and queries and got them clarified. Consequently, fourth year students including Aryaman Gupta (MPI-CBG, Dresden Area, Germany), Rohit Suri (DAAD WISE at University of Freiburg, Germany), Anubhav Ghosh (Viterbi-India program at University of Southern California, USA), Roshni Biswas (Caltech SURF at NASA Jet Propulasion Laboratory), Siddharth Pujari (NUS, Singapore), Aishwarya Shrestha (National Taiwan University, Taiwan), Manas Ranjan Pattnayak and Megha Satapathy (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan), Tejaswini Karra (Khorana Program for Scholars at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois), Asmita Poddar (Acadenmia Sinica, Taiwan) and Prathamesh Dash (University of Astrophysics, Japan) came up to the dais and spoke about their foreign internship experiences. The speakers also gave many useful tips regarding emailing to the professors, writing SOPs, applying for Passports and Visas and arranging for accommodation for the students; so as to keep in mind while applying for coveted internships. The audience got the opportunity of asking their questions to all the speakers and get all of their doubts resolved.

The interactive session ended on a successful note with the inspired students going back to their respective hostels with great knowledge and nuances of applying for such reputed internships. Team Monday Morning congratulates and highly appreciates such initiatives by the Training and Placement Cell, NIT Rourkela and hopes such beneficial events are also organized in the future.  


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