Sandeepan Mohanty | Jan 29, 2018

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With the onset of the spring semester, it was high time to look back and ponder on how far the steps we took have taken us ahead. In a discussion with Prof Ritwik Sarkar, HOD Of Ceramic Department a lot of queries and confusions have been answered to.


The placement statistics are available on the website and the number has been overwhelming this year. Although the number of core companies visiting for recruitment is meager, the placement is overall satisfactory. With depleting growth and demand of Ceramic Engineers, students are resorting to analytics companies and mass recruiters. However, the already graduated batch of 2017 managed a decent result in terms of placement, higher studies, and research. There are a lot of factors affecting the placement of students :
A) The performance of the previous batch

B) The demand for Ceramic Engineers in the market

The students need to be patient with the market hitting low strings and should grab every opportunity they get was the advice of the HOD.


There have been no major developments with a just minor addition in lab equipment. The urgent need of time is for industry standard equipment but constraining to size and money there have been special orders for similar compacted, small and sleek machines. Upgrading the laboratories have been on the priority list for long but owing to financial crunches, the work has been stalled. The completion can be expected within a year or so.


NITR as an institute of national repute has been proving to publish the best research papers and results in recent years. Research in the branch has exponentially improved after 2015. Until then there were no research papers published. But 7 papers have been patented now with more ongoing research projects in our branch under various professors. The labs are being improved with time to make it better equipped in industry and research standards. No student last year has cracked any reputed research scholarship or higher education in a top-notch institute even after recommendations which can be disheartening.


There were no events/talks/seminars conducted regularly in the branch by any expert/professors which leaves the students devoid of exposure, inspiration and any recent technology/branch advancements. There are seminars in the branch on few occasions but the discussion usually stays above the understanding of undergraduates. A number of talks/seminars will be conducted for the undergraduates this year as suggested by the HOD OF THE DEPARTMENT.


Prof Ritwik Sarkar, HOD of Ceramic Department gave us some valuable tips for excelling in future.

The students here lack proper inspiration and need to develop interpersonal skills alongside staying updated with the current affairs. They need to be smart and knowledgeable enough to tackle problems instantly and effectively. However, that can happen when they regularly participate in GDs and stay updated.

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