An Astounding Excursion Of An Ardent Techie: Gomtesh Upadhye

An Astounding Excursion Of An Ardent Techie: Gomtesh Upadhye

Manisha Rath | Feb 05, 2018

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Albert Einstein one of the greatest individuals in the history of mankind said,

Have the passion, Take the action, and  Magic will happen.

Very few of us have the fortune to witness this magic. Well, the life of Gomtesh Upadhye, a guest for ROOTS 2.0 is a classic example to justify this.

Gomtesh Upadhye, a renowned filmmaker, and cinematographer who followed his passion that led him to the pinnacle of success. Born and brought up in the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Bangalore he started his career as a cinematographer in the year 2013.

Cinematography did not happen to him in the first place. Born in Bangalore, he completed his schooling from St. Joseph’s Indian High School. His father was serving as a policeman and hence his family was very much focused on his education. After schooling, he went to Visveswarya Technological University for completion of Bachelor of Engineering(B.E) in Computer Science and Engineering. Being a proficient code, he was keen towards the domain of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Postliminary his graduation he worked as an engineer at TESCO and Cognizant Technological Solutions. During this phase of his life, he was tugged towards filmmaking and cinematography. It was a difficult decision for him to give up his well-paid job and start with cinematography as a new career. But, unlike other individuals he was resolute for his passion and overlooking all the hardships he set his sail in the film industry. He admits the fact that it was a tough job for him to convince his family but nevertheless his competence and tenacity assured his family about his radiant career in this stream.

After around six years of working as an engineer, he started doing Still Photography. He felt his technical skills have groomed him a lot as a cinematographer. Gradually, he clutched expertise in this field and worked as a professional in weddings. He even worked in the arena of candid photography and subsequently, he carved a niche for himself in the fashion and film industry.

Immediately after this, he worked as the second cinematographer in Lucia an Indian Kannada Romantic psychological thriller film written, co-edited and directed by Pawan Kumar starring Sathish Ninasam and Sruthi Hariharan that gave an initial upward thrust to his career. Following this, he worked as the associate director in U-TURN another Indian Kannada Film simultaneously working for music videos.

Team Monday Morning had the wonderful opportunity to speak to him in person and know more about his life. Here are a few excerpts from his interview:

Monday Morning(MM): Every parent expects their child to go for higher studies or do a well-paid job after graduating as an engineer. Were your parents supportive towards your decision? How did you convince them?

Gomtesh Upadhye(GU):   Parents have their own apprehensions. Their ultimate aim is to ensure that we have a secure future. So, instead of doing something on the full scale about which our parents are unsure of, we can practise our hobby regularly to ensure that we get sufficient time to delve deep into our passion and persuade our parents about our proficiency in that field. Another added advantage is that we also get ample amount of time to decide whether we have our interests in this field or not. This would help our parents to realize that it's definitely a good career option for us.

MM: It's well known that the film industry is full of struggles following the motto of ‘Survival of the Fittest’. In the initial stages of your career, how did you combat these struggles and hardship?

GU:  Struggles are an integral part of film industry. Even established and reputed personal struggle every day to raise their standard. In the initial stages hardships are numerous. Sometimes, an individual might think to give up but the passion, perseverance, and stubbornness towards their work keep one going. One needs to showcase his/her unique abilities and work on it to enhance them every day.

MM: You gave a talk on the ‘How to generate ideas for storytelling’. How relevant is this topic in relation to filmmaking?

GU:  I feel in the present scenario much of our energy is invested in the cameras, selecting locations and songs to grab the attention of the public. We are ignorant about the fact that the heart of a film lies in its story. Most of the films do not depict a meaningful story that would catch the soul of the audience. I want to motivate the youngsters about generating, creating and compelling stories that require a strong foundation and thinking skills.

MM: How was your experience being a part of Roots 2.0?

GU:  The campus is very overwhelming filled with positive and energetic vibes. It was a great pleasure for me to be a part Roots 2.0 NIT Rourkela.

MM: Please share a short message for the NITR Junta.


Struggles are a part of life, even success, and failure. It's important that we struggle in our field of interest rather than constricting ourselves into something that we are not meant for. It is necessary to hold on to yourself during the difficult times because pains and hardships always lead to sweet success sooner or later. We also need to work upon to polish our skills with time as changing time demands dynamic personalities. Being engineers we need learn to combine creative and technical expertise which is a demand for the present scenario.

Team Monday Morning congratulates Mr.Upadhye for having the courage to pursue their hobby and setting an example for all the enthusiasts to follow.

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