The Trail Continues: Ask a Question 14.0

The Trail Continues: Ask a Question 14.0

Saumya Agarwal Manisha Rath | Feb 05, 2018

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Ask a Question has always been the flag bearer for Monday Morning to nullify the queries and issues faced by students at NITR. The 14th edition hereby will be serving the same purpose and Team MM will keep on nullifying the queries in further editions with a hope to bring a change in the prevailing conditions.


MM: NIT earlier had a provision for Railway concession forms in which students were given 50% discount on their train ticket fare when they travelled from Rourkela to their home city. Why has it been discontinued in past few years?

SKU: I am not aware that this has been stopped. I'll discuss it with Assistant Registrar (Academics), Dean and DRM. If the provision still exists then I will take action to revive it.

MM: Many graduates have expressed their disapproval over the change of the convocation dress code. Can we expect a poll taking the opinion of final year students (major stakeholders) for next year Convocation? Is it justice to impose a rule which seriously effects memories of students?

SKU: Till 14th convocation, we were following a dress code prevailing since British rule i.e. gowns and caps. In the recent past many IITs, BHU and some central universities have opted for the Indian dress code. After discussion in the Deans and HOD meeting and Convocation Committee, the institute decided that girls would wear saree and boys kurta-pyjama during the 15th Convocation. This was solely aimed at promoting Indian culture. It’s definitely a good decision. Every change initially faces opposition but after a short span of time, it would be accepted. This change is surely a good and I hope that students comply with it.

NIT Rourkela was established in the year 1961 in the district of Sundargarh which is a tribal place. Sambalpur lies close to this place. So it was decided to go for a Sambalpuri pattern to epitomize the Institute’s history and Odisha’s Culture. It is not that the Sambalpuri pattern would remain constant it might change after discussion. Regarding conducting a poll on the convocation dress code it has to be approved by the Director.

MM: For the Souvenir print issue, SAC allots a separate budget from SAC fees which are duly collected by students in every semester. If we are already paying SAC fees, and the budget is directed from SAC, then why an exclusive INR 500 is mentioned in 7th-semester fees in the name of Souvenir?

We’ll examine the total free structure and will put this topic up in next finance meeting.

The Registrar wasn’t able to comment any particular reasons for the prevailing system.


MM: It has been observed many times that the behaviour of the department people of Apollo Pharmacy is too irresponsible. They do not listen if we want to buy some medicines prescribed by some other specialist.

CB: The administration has made a policy that only the medicines prescribed by the institute doctors would be made available to the students by Apollo pharmacy. The doctors of the institute are not clerks sitting here to approve the medicines prescribed by the referred specialist.


MM: Mess food in DBA MSS is degrading drastically and the measures taken till now have done no good. How are they planning to deal with the current situation and what strict actions are going to be taken against the caterer?

Marella Naresh(MSS): Nowadays, it improvised and the quality isn’t that poor. Before the HMC meeting in August/September it was substandard, but now I feel that it is okayish because fewer complaints have also been recorded.

Aditya Mohanty(DBA): We have changed the mess menu, and I’m planning to take it directly to the Warden and General Secretary of DBA. I expect some changes to be done soon.


Q. What is MM planning to do remove the chief warden problem? Something needs to be done, we can’t just sit idle and watch our institute go down. So MM as a student media body should do something.

MM: Monday Morning does not yield any power to appoint or impeach authorities to any position of responsibility. We are trying our best to communicate the problems of the student body to the authorities and are pursuing multiple channels to get an interview with the chief warden. 

Q. Earlier we could return books to library wihtout an identity card. Now that practice has discontiued. Why so?

MM: With the recent change in the softwares for library management, the new system requires the identity card of a student to validate the return of a book.

Q. Why did a double seater room recieve one print issue in MSS?

MM: The annual print issue distribution is carried out on a room to room basis. Every room is provided with only one copy of the same, regardless of the degree of occupancy. 

Q. How many internships are compulsory for a B.Tech. student?

MM: A B.Tech. student is required to complete atleast one internship of a minimum 8 weeks duration. He/she is required to undertake the same after the 6th semester as a part of the SIRE evaluation. SIRE is a 2 credit course which is evaluated in the 7th semester of the B.Tech. curriculum.



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