Eat to Win: A Win-Win

Eat to Win: A Win-Win

Barnali Priyadarshini | Feb 12, 2018

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If 'what's for breakfast' is your first thought of the day, if the most exciting part about work is waiting for lunch, if you wonder what's for dinner on your way home, if attending a party depends on what type of food will be served, then yes, you're a foodie. George Bernard Shaw once said- 

There's no sincere love than the love of food.

Unleashing the foodie within the participants, Chef's Club of NIT Rourkela hosted a fun event called ‘Vintage Bowl’ during the 3-day long festival of Nitrutsav 2k18.

Coordinated by Thirumala and Vijayakanthi, this fun-filled event was scheduled to be held at the SAC Gardens on 3rd of February. Instead of the time decided before, the event got delayed by an hour and kick-started at around 10:30 am. Very wittily, the organisers put the participants' unrequited love for fast food like Panipuri and Burger to test.

For the Panipuri eating competition, the rules were pretty simple. Participants competed against each other. They were given a time duration of 1 minute and the person eating the highest number of panipuris was declared as the winner for the round. The maximum number of panipuris eaten by any participant in one minute counted to 17. This event was much more than just a competition, each participant had their own share of fun and amazement.

The visitors to the stall of this event got to satiate their senses with the gastronomic delights presented by the organisers. They relished the star dish of the day: ‘The evergreen Burger’. The organisers gained some money for their pocket by bringing the finest of taste to the palates of the crowd.

The organisers had exciting prizes for the winners as well. They gave away coupons for Hexagon Restaurant and Jo'z Kitchen to the winners. The organisers faced a few problems as well. They were not able to allow 10 more participants at the last due to some shortage in requirements. Nevertheless, this event managed to gain as many as 80 participants in all and thus turned to be a huge success.

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