A Bevy of Intelluctuals: CETPA Workshops

A Bevy of Intelluctuals: CETPA Workshops

Amlan Arman | Mar 05, 2018

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The tech geeks of NIT Rourkela had a great reason to be excited as CETPA, a North-Indian training institute organized a series of three workshops on the 10th and 11th of February, 2018. The three workshops that were conducted were based on Image Processing using Python 3.0, Revit 2018 Architecture and Industrial Automation.

The turnout for the series of workshops was decent, considering the fact that this is the maiden attempt of the Technical society under the aegis of the Student Activity Centre(SAC) towards such initiative. Around sixty students turned up for each workshop. The Image Processing workshop was organized by the Cyborg club under the Technical Society. The workshop which was initially planned to be held at LA 201, had to be shifted to a lecture hall in the Department of Civil Engineering due to the conduction of GATE examination in the LA. The Revit 2018 Architecture workshop was held at the Autocad Lab in the Main Building and was jointly organized by the CEST Club under the Technical Society whereas the third workshop, Industrial Automation was held in the EC Seminar Hall and the Plugged_In club jointly organized the workshop.

The students who attended the workshop got a chance to intern at CETPA in the forthcoming summer holidays. The company distributed certificates of participation to all the students and gifted them vouchers worth INR 200.

On enquiring about the conduction of the workshops, Amlan Kumar Sahoo, one of the secretaries of the Technical Society responded saying,

This is an initiative by the Technical society to provide hands-on experience to students on various topics. The series of workshops proved to be a successful. Although the turnout for the workshops was a decent one, but we believe will increase over the years and a lot of students will be benefitted by the conduction of such workshops.

Team Monday Morning congratulates the Technical society on its maiden voyage and hopes that such series of workshops are conducted in the future, which will give ample scope for the NITR junta to learn about various interesting concepts.

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