Where the Best Minds will Manifest Diplomacy: NITR IMUNC 2018

Where the Best Minds will Manifest Diplomacy: NITR IMUNC 2018

Yash Shah | Mar 12, 2018

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NITR is gearing up to witness the first ever Model United Nations (MUN) Conference towards the end of this month between 30th March and 1st April. Cognizen Club, under the Literary society of Student Activity Centre (SAC) is the chief organizer of the event. The organizing committee of NITR IMUNC has partnered with Monday Morning as the official publicity partner and Design Tab as the official designing partner.


Model United Nations also known as MUN, is a simulation of United Nations (UN), in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations and the functioning of the United Nations.

Participants, known as delegates are divided into committees and assigned with countries which they need to represent. Each committee sets its agenda about which the delegates are notified in advance. This helps the delegates to research on the topic before the conference starts and formulate positions that they will then debate with their fellow delegates, staying true to the actual position of the country that they represent.

With an aim to stimulate the grey matter on international issues and nurture leadership qualities, the event has been planned to give the students of NITR a platform where the leaders of tomorrow learn putting forth their cause and master the art of debating. This is a 3-day session where the virulent brains collide and instantiate upon their views and thoughts. This pedantically planned model would give students an insight to the crescendos in the brewing matters concerning the United Nations and cultivates in them the essence of mutual respect, forbearance, peace and harmony. It gives a platform where the future global leaders learn the art of debating and winning not by force but by reason.


1. Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM) with an agenda (that is the topic of discussion/debate) of “The Elimination of all forms of Religious Tolerances”.

2. Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) with an agenda of “Combating proliferation of chemical and biological weapons.”

3. All India Political Parties Meet (AIPPM) with an agenda of “Analyzing the legal and social issues in the Ayodhya Dispute”


The NITR IMUNC secretariat has come up with a list of influential speakers and post bearers of the society for the event. The chief guests for the event are as follows:

  1. Mr Anil Bokil, the person who was instrumental in getting the idea of Demonetization approved. (Opening Ceremony and Guest Lecture)
  2. Dr Shruti Mohapatra, CEO, Swabhiman, a social activist and a motivational speaker. (Guest of Honor for Day-2)


The MUN sessions for all the committees will be taking place in LA classrooms as well as the seminar halls of various departments.


In regard to this, the Director-General of the event, Ashish Kumar Gouda told team MM that:

With a very less budget being allotted for the club, it is really difficult to organize an event of this magnitude. At the same time, arranging sponsorship for the first edition of any event is also challenging. Apart from it, getting permissions from SAC. seems to be cumbersome. 


The organizing team has a dedicated website for the event, the website can be accessed at nitrimunc.org. The third round of registration will be live on the website, this week.


The secretariat has already completed two rounds of delegate applications and would be releasing the third round applications very soon. Till now, students from various universities of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other neighbouring countries have already registered.

The Secretary-General of the event, Mehul Anand, was quoted saying:

Organizing the first ever MUN of NIT Rourkela is definitely a privilege as well as a challenge for the Entire Secretariat. But we have a very dedicated team which is more than ready for the task in hand. We hope to put up an Event that the NITR Junta would want to remember for A Long time.


The Secretariat has collaborated with various other renowned MUNs of East India circuit. It has collaborated with IGIT-MUN, Bilasa Youth Conclave, NIST-MUN, SOA-MUN, and NIT Durgapur MUN. A good participation is expected from these institutes.


To clarify the doubts and queries of prospective delegates from NITR, the Secretariat has come up with helpline email-ID and phone numbers. Anyone having any sort of a query can feel free to write on nitrimun.secretariat@gmail.com or contact: Mehul (8210926433), Yash (8329437811) or Shifa (9337205108). 

So, with an objective of providing the students with an exposure to international diplomacy, discussions and debates, the entire secretariat looks forward to a healthy participation from the institute and a remarkable conference.

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