On A Celestial Trail: Workshop on Astronomy

On A Celestial Trail: Workshop on Astronomy

Abel Mathew | Mar 19, 2018

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Celestial bodies have always been an intriguing topic among almost all science enthusiasts and curious minds. Astronomy has now become a well-developed branch of science that has paved its way to answer some questions about the universe we live in.

Department of Physics and Astronomy, NIT Rourkela has been an integral part of the institute but there has been a comparatively lesser contribution from the astronomy sphere of the department. To bring in a change and to set a culture for study in astronomy and astrophysics, the department conducted a workshop, titled “Workshop on Astronomy and Astrophysics-2018.” The event was held on 9th and 10th March at the Pranakrushna Parija Auditorium(PPA).

The workshop was done in collaboration with Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA). IUCAA does outreach program in various places across the country to spread knowledge about astronomy and astrophysics. On speaking with the coordinator for the event, Prof. Ananta Chandra Pradhan, he said the prime reason for collaboration was the funds, as IUCAA sponsored the speakers for the event. The two-day event covered the various topic about the stellar space and made sure the attendees had gained some valuable information from the session. The motive of the session was not to teach these topics but to create an awareness and curiosity among the students.

The event was greatly welcomed by enthusiastic students, which was evident as there were 30 registrations from outside NIT Rourkela, comprising students from distant places like Jaipur and Kerala. The total registrations were 70 for the event. Arrangements for lunch and dinner for the participants was done at the SAC garden by the organizers. All the participants were pleased with the sessions by the three speakers- Prof. Rajeev Mishra, Prof. Ananta C. Pradhan, and Prof. Ajit M. Srivastava. On speaking with the speakers of the event, they were delighted with experience here at NITR.

Team Monday Morning congratulates Department of Physics and Astronomy for having conducted this two-day session and hopes that such workshops are continued to be conducted for creating a conducive environment for learning.


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