Sharpening Skills: TechX As It Happened

Sharpening Skills: TechX As It Happened

The first ever fully dedicated technical event at NIT Rourkela, TechX, was conducted on the days of 11th, 17th and 18th March 2018. The brainchild of VP Technical Society, Prof.AK Swain, this event solely focussed on the promotion and development of technical skills of the students of NIT Rourkela. While technical fests such as Innovision saw the likes of pro shows and celebrity nights, this conclave was entirely academic oriented and specifically meant for the students of NITR.

One of the novel aspects of this event was the fact that Professor Swain and his core team of organisers for TechX ensured that they took suggestions from the NITR Junta for the organisation of events. A webmail was circulated requesting the members of all the clubs to suggest technical workshops and sessions which they felt to be beneficial for the students of the institute.

The event consisted of four workshops and four sessions by guest lecturers from various fields of the industry.

The workshops were as follows:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Workshop
  • System Verilog Workshop
  • Linux and Cloud Computing Workshop

Day 1

The first day of TechX, 11th March 2017 began with a guest talk on UI/UX Market needs and future by Mahesh Marath, the Design Head of ThinkDesign, Bangalore. The day concluded with a workshop on Linux and Cloud Computing by Mr Prayas Mohanty from ISDAC. Certificates were awarded to all participants. While the guest lecture saw the presence of around 56 students, the workshop had around 30 participants.

Day 2

17 March 2017, the second day of the event began with an inauguration ceremony conducted in the TIIR building. The happenings of the conclave then began with a guest lecture by Subhobroto Chakroborty, Founder and Chief Digital Consultant at ‘The Digital Fellow’. His talk to the gathering of around 60 students focussed on digital marketing, sustainable energy, the role of AI, and product marketing techniques. The post-lunch session consisted of two workshops: AI and ML Workshop, which was organised by Techinest and System Verilog Workshop by Mr Sreenivasa Reddy K. Additionally, a two-day workshop based on Primavera Software and organised by CETPA was initiated.The workshop saw a turnout of approximately 40 participants.

Day 3

The third and concluding day of the technical conference started with a talk by the Goela Brothers on Fintech, Finance and stocks, Stock Market and Product Marketing. The Goela brothers took turns in introducing the audience to the various facets of stock marketing. Harsh Goela and Aditya Goela addressed a crowd of nearly 100 enthusiastic students. After an interactive session by the brothers, the conference moved on to yet another talk by Mr Gurjeet Dogra on IGBC Green Building Certification and Architecture visualization through Digital Stimulation. This was attended by around 20 students and the seminar started at around 3:30 pm i.e. in the post-lunch session. In the meantime, Beyond the Box, a science exhibition, co-hosted by Genesys club of the Technical Society of SAC, was carried out at Rajendra Mishra Exhibition Hall. Students from different schools of Rourkela showcased their models and projects to the crowd. 


Issues Faced

The organisers stated that the meagre 2 lakh rupees budget provided by SAC for TechX was pretty small but the immense support that they received from the SAC officials had made up for the budget constraint. Another one of the major issues faced by organisers was that of attendance. The involvement of a lot more students was expected in this event. Even though all the sessions and workshops were free of cost, the student turnout was to a lesser extent. The organisers also believe that the publicity of the event was done as much as possible on all possible social platforms with even a webmail being sent to all the students. Hence, in order to develop knowledge and network, it is essential for the students to participate more actively in such events.


TechX was a success among the NITR junta given the fact that this was a maiden attempt at such a conference by a society of the Student Activity Centre. Although the average student participation over the three days was roughly 50, still the organizers and VPs are confident that the participation will surely increase in the coming years.

As stated by VP Technical society, the team was small but efficient.The people who pioneered this event to make it a success are:

Sudha Priyadarshini- TechX Website Development
Monik Raj – Core team
Arnav Tripathy- Design
Abel Mathew- Core team 
Manohar-Core Team
Nalin Modi-Core Team
Anup Mittal-Core Team
Chandan Kumar Barik-Core Team
Mohit Gupta-Core Team
Sibasis Mohanty-Core Team
Amlan Kumar-Core Team

Team MM congratulates the Technical Society for hosting such an event in such a short time and wishes that the future post-holders would carry forward the legacy.


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