Soaring High Over Ignited Spirits

Soaring High Over Ignited Spirits

Manisha Rath Niharika Dalai | Mar 19, 2018

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Hourglass, Toastmasters International - NIT Rourkela Chapter recently hosted IGNITE on 11th of March 2018. IGNITE gave a platform for discussion on various aspects of Toastmasters and was conducted with an objective to let people know about Toastmasters International. The more crucial aspect was to gather and provide a good interactive session among all Toastmasters of DIVISION-L. Around 95 people registered for the event. The event was scheduled to begin at 9:35 AM at the Conference Hall of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. In order to ensure that optimum people turn up for the event after completing their PATs and NSS, it was delayed until 10:45 AM.

The program was set into motion with the welcome speech of the President of the club K.Pradhyumna Rao. The program witnessed a floating crowd of around 85 people. This included a total of 19 Toastmasters which included Toastmasters from ISM Dhanbad, SAIL, Infosys, Bhubaneswar and Insteel, Jamshedpur. This was followed by a momentous talk on Toastmasters-What, When and Why? by Toastmaster Kaushik Bhattacharya, the Division Director of Division-L and the floor was open to discussion.

After lunch, the stage was taken up by Toastmaster Smita Pati, Editor of Livewire Magazine and there was a session on impromptu speaking which highlighted the various aspects of public speaking. She deliberated upon how well a speech can be framed and spoken. A Table Topic session was conducted following this where interested participants were given a topic by Smita Pati and were allowed to speak for around 1-2 minutes. Following the line, the stage was taken by Toastmaster Dr. Chetna Verma, Area, Director L3 who discussed on stage fears and elaborated on how to subdue these fears. After this, Kaushik Bhattacharya again took the lead and briefed about all the 6 kinds of speech contests that are conducted in Toastmasters and how to master the International Speech Contest. He discussed the problems that people generally face, how to deal with them and how to overcome these difficulties. Towards the end, mementos were distributed and the event finally concluded at around 5 PM.

Speaking to Pradhyumna Rao, the President of the Hourglass- Toastmasters International, NIT Rourkela Chapter, regarding the conduction of the event, he was quoted saying,

Organizing IGNITE was very hectic for the whole team of Hourglass. We faced unforseen issues at every leg, but we dealt it and set the ship sailing. It turned out almost like how we pictured it, some aspects even better. I thank the entire team of Hourglass and the distinguished Toastmasters who graced the occasion and baked the spirit of Toastmasters International in NIT Rourkela to the right temperament.

The team initially faced a few problems while booking rooms as there was a time clash between SCP workshop and IGNITE. But with the cooperation of the SCP team, Prof. KC Pati and Prof. A K Rath, CS Conference Hall was finally allotted for conducting the event. During the event, the team did not face any major problem and the event was conducted quite smoothly. Moreover, the institute was quite supportive for providing accommodation to the guests.

Team Monday Morning congratulates the entire team of Hourglass Toastmasters International- NIT Rourkela chapter for the successful conduction of IGNITE.

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