Scrutinizng Stocks: Tete-a-tete with the Goela Brothers

Scrutinizng Stocks: Tete-a-tete with the Goela Brothers

Ankit Kumar Panda Samikshya | Mar 26, 2018

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The maiden edition of Tech-X saw many greats in their fields come and give talk sessions on their respective fields of expertise. One such session was organized for the students with a keen interest in finance and its connected domains with Artificial Intelligence(AI) which was held on 18th March 2018 at the TIIR auditorium. The talk session was given by Harsh Goela and Aditya Goela, founders of the Goela School of Finance.

The event had begun with Harsh Goela introducing the concept of the stock market to the students and how it can be used as a funding source for the startups. He moved on to explain the various intricacies of the stock market and made it to the simplest possible state with taking examples from the audience.

Followed by this was a brief session about Fintech by Aditya Goela. He explained about the various generations through which the stock market is developed. The applications of a software engineer are wide ranged in the finance sector and has been still untapped.

Monday Morning caught up with Goela brothers post session. Here are a few excerpts from the interview.

MM: Tell us about your childhood life, your family background, and life until college.

Harsh Goela (HG): We have always been interested in the stock market since our childhood. Also in our family, it has been since the time of our grandfather that people are interested in the stock market. Although we both were average students, we were always supported by our father to pursue along this line. Growing up as siblings we were always there to support each other and furthermore, this same interests of ours made our bonding stronger over the period of time.

MM: Both of you took a bachelor’s degree from the school of open learning, how was your experience there?

Aditya Goela (AG): The experience was quite good, we got a lot of free time and could focus on our stock market analysis. We were searching for a proper degree in stock marketing but could not find any and hence decided to join the school of open learning at the Delhi University. I had a funny incident when once in an exam the invigilator was ready to provide me the solution of the question paper in return of just 100 rupees. Except for that the experience there was great.

MM: How was your experience during the Symbiosis School of Distance Learning for your MBA?

 HG: It was a good experience and I did my MBA in finance at Symbiosis. The course was very theoretical and applying the theory to the real world was pretty difficult but overall the experience was better than what I had at the Delhi University.

MM: You are known to have an extraordinary speaking skill and have bagged many prizes for it too. Please give our readers some tips regarding the same.

HG: I discovered that I could speak well at the age of 18, the time when you come out of schools and start for preparing yourself to dwell in a college. Surprisingly, I did pretty well and became one of India’s top eight speakers and I was the youngest one to reach there. I liked stock market so speaking to people there gave me an exposure which helped me a lot. So, this exposure is what made me a good speaker. So talking with people on various topics helped me master my public speaking skills.

MM: What all books have you authored and which book is your favorite amongst the ones you have read?

HG: For now both of us together have written one book which is our take on the stock market and predictions on what shall be happening in the next five years considering the various aspects affecting the stock markets. We are planning on writing our second book which will be a take on the overall scenario of the Indian stock market. Amongst the ones we have read our favorites are the ones written by Peter Lik, Benjamin Graham and Parag Parikh which provide a very basic understanding of finance, in which many citizens of our country lack.

MM: You qualified until CFA level 3. How tough was it?

AG: It was a little tough and I knew it from the beginning that the ride is not going to be a smooth one. CFA’s full course is updated every time a new advancement in the market is observed. Every year the curriculum changes, thus, it was a really good experience as I had to learn a lot of things.

MM: Please tell us about your previous job experiences at Central Bank of India and as a Computer business manager.

AG: The job at Central Bank of India was our first job and it was like the first step into the financial dealing world. We got to know a lot many people and gained lots of experiences. We got to know how the banking system works and what people demand but do not get. All the shortcomings of the people in the finance world and how they overcome it, which helped us gain a better understanding of the market and develop our financial thinking skills.

MM: What is Fintech and Robot marketing? How can one define the role of AI in finance and stocks?

 AG: Fintech is the application of technology in the financial sector which currently is a very fast developing sector. Everything that we owe to banks being made more and more accessible is due to Fintech. This makes the market smoother to handle.

Robot marketing is actually the application of algorithms and computers to trade in the market. It is more close to robot ordering as the user gives the commands and the as and when the time comes the robot goes on to execute the orders. So the user does not always have to keep a tab on the market. It is a huge scope for engineers as this department flourishes more and more there will be a decrease in the need for a financial analyst and more need of an engineer.

MM: We have heard that you are very good at illustrations. Please give some tips to our readers.

AG: I had a little interest in designing and I kept doing it. I still do it too. All our posters and the website is designed by me. I guess starting something is really necessary. We can carry it forward later but starting something full heartedly is very essential. So, get the ball rolling and move forward if the thing intrigues you.

MM: What according to you is where the financial sector outweighs all other domains and sectors of business?

AG: It outweighs other sectors as it is you who knows how much you wish to earn and how much you wish to save. Only you know where you want to go and what number defines rich for you. Ultimately we are all doing it for money, so this sector tells us how to keep going. So that is where we feel this sector outweighs the other sectors.

MM: How did you learn about the vagaries of the stock market? Can you please explain to us as to how can a layman understand the various important processes involved in that?

AG: Number crunching, technical graphs, hard work all these are just the stereotypes related to the stock market that the media has created. The stock market is quite simple. What we would suggest is that one should talk to as many investors as possible. He or she should understand the logic and come back with new techniques.

Then obviously basics matter. What we lack in our country are the basics of stock markets. We are trying to bridge that gap as of now.

MM: How has the journey been together, as siblings, of opening the Goela School of finance?

HG: It has been quite good and interesting. We had never planned all these. We were very clear that we would not go for any job. Our friends used to come to us to understand about stock markets. Then we thought if we are good at something why not charge something for it! So basically this was how we started with the stock markets.

I remember being 21 or 22 years of age when I thought why not open a college and being young in age the people connect to us better than others. Then, the ball kept on rolling.

MM: How was your experience at NIT Rourkela?

HG: The experience has been great. I got to know that this campus was one of the biggest campuses in the country and is the 10th ranked institute all over India falling behind only the IITs. So, we had great expectations from the institute and you people stood up to it. The overall experience was really great as the students are enthusiastic and the hospitality was superb. Hailing from Delhi, all you really want is some fresh air and getting it here is just too awesome. I hope that I will be able to visit the institute in the upcoming days.  

AG: The freedom the students get here is just amazing. They are allowed to move in the campus more freely as compared to other institutes. We have heard that the faculties here are good and very cooperative. So you people are in a good institute.

MM: What are your future plans?

HG: We are planning to grow. Currently, we are in a contract with Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) and it is something we both are looking forward to work in. We are trying to improvise and be much better, rectify our flaws. Whenever people go from us, they shouldn’t be disheartened but should rather be satisfied and happy and be able to recommend us to others too. We are also focusing on the second book which we shall publish in the near future.

MM: Any message for our readers.

HG: Topics of stock marketing and financial marketing maybe quite boring but it is very much important. It bridges the gap between the poor and the rich. So do not neglect it or ignore it. Do not even overdo it. Just go easy and discover it.

Every penny counts. Even one single rupee can spawn magic. So, students should start saving and value money highly. If one doesn’t respect money then money shall not respect him/her back.

AG: I would just like to add that we are currently in a situation where the stock market is not an option anymore, it is a necessity so we should not neglect it for our own good.

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