The Indefatigable Achiever: Subhajeet Swain

The Indefatigable Achiever: Subhajeet Swain

Niharika Dalai | Mar 26, 2018

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Evolving from a reticent person to an extremely hardworking student and a diligent learner is a way how Subhajeet Swain, a final year student from the Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) paved his way to success. Subhajeet is the GATE topper of EE department of NITR with a score of 55.67 and AIR-2000. Team MM caught up with him to get an insight of his success story.

Monday Morning(MM): Tell us something about yourself before joining NITR. How did electrical engineering happen to you?

Subhajeet Swain(SS): I belong to a small village situated in Jagatsinghpur. I did my schooling from Saraswati Sishu Vidya Mandir and completed my intermediate from a residential college-Shakti Junior College in Cuttack. Then I went to Kota for one year to prepare for entrance exams.

For me, Electrical Engineering was a choice rather than a chance because my brother who was studying here in the Department of Mining Engineering advised me to take as it is a core branch and has opportunities extended to all sectors of a job.

MM: People perceive Electrical Engineering as a tough branch. What is your say about this?

SS: According to me, electrical engineering is a bit tough from academics as well as GATE point view because of its vast course. There are subjects like electrical machines and power electronics which are difficult to grasp and comprehend but once the concepts are clear, you will definitely find the subject interesting.

MM: When did you start your preparation for GATE?

SS: In 2016, the All India GATE topper Anupam Samantaray was from the Department of Electrical Engineering of our institute. He was the one who inspired me to take an attempt at GATE. So I started my GATE preparation for the third year itself.

MM: How did you prepare yourself for GATE and what major problems did you face during this preparation period?

SS: My preparation was basically self-preparation. Initially, I started my practice by ordering study materials from Sacademy and later joined a few online GATE classes. I also used to practice online test series of Made Easy and Sacademy. I started my practice from Network Analysis because it is comparatively easier than other subjects. Then slowly I started spending more time practicing difficult topics.

I initially faced a few problems in clearing my doubts but later on managed through online sources. Moreover, the pressure of academics sometimes made it difficult for me to manage time between classes and preparations.

Time management is very important to maintain a balance between academics and GATE preparation. In weekends and other off days I used to study for around 8-9 hours and in normal working days, I could devote 2-3 hours for my preparations.

MM: You did not take any coaching while preparing for GATE. How did you manage to clarify your doubts?

SS: I joined a Facebook group called Kreatryx whose co-founder is the GATE topper for this year. I used to post my doubts in this group and get it cleared. Sometimes, group studies with friends also used to help me in clarifying my doubts.

MM: Tell us something about your internship at DRDO.

SS: I did my internship in the third year in DRDO which I got through Training and Placement center of our institute. I worked there on power system quality analysis and my experience there was quite good.

MM: What are your future plans?

SS: I am placed in JINDAL so I would continue my job as well as prepare for GATE. I want to get a job in Public Sector Undertaking(PSUs) which requires an All India Rank within 500. So I have plans to continue my preparation for GATE along with taking up job.

MM: What advice would you like to give your juniors who are aspiring to score high in GATE?

SS: First of all if you want to score well in GATE then you have to study really hard. You need to devote a lot of time preparing for GATE as the questions are getting really tough nowadays.

You should join at least one test series so that you know the level and pattern of the questions. One more thing that I would like to advise juniors is that take some time and decide in which field you want to go like core, software, analytics or research and then prepare yourself accordingly.


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