Exploring Aquatic Treasures: Tiburon Orientations

Exploring Aquatic Treasures: Tiburon Orientations

Ankit Kumar Panda | Apr 02, 2018

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On the 26th of March, some of the brightest minds of NIT Rourkela gathered at LA 114 for the orientations of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle club of NITR, Team Tiburon. The event kicked off at around 6:00 PM in the evening and had received a fair amount of response from the NITR Junta.

Team Tiburon fabricates underwater vehicle and participates in autonomous vehicle competitions held across the world. The orientation began with an interactive session between the members and the participants. It was followed by participants from the team.

In the presentation, few initial slides focused on the history of the team and their progress so far. Founded in the month of December in the year 2014, the club has made huge progress over the last four years. The team has currently made the Version 3.0 of the vehicle and it has been named as HammerHead. The approximate cost of the vehicle currently is estimated to be INR Four lakhs including the recycled parts from the previous vehicles. Currently, the team is chiefly sponsored by Intel and NITRAA.

Further, the slides highlighted the targets of the team in the upcoming years. Additional features such as Stereo Vision, Hydrophones, and mechanism of torpedo launch have been planned to add to the vehicle. The team also plans to participate at SAUVC, Santiago where the vehicles are tested in real time environment of oceans as compared to other competitions wherein the vehicle is tested in swimming pools. Following this was a video shown to the students regarding the various achievements of the team along with a brief history of the team’s initial days.

The team will be inducting members for four subsystems namely the electronics subsystem, the mechanical subsystem, the software subsystem and the public relations subsystem.

Once the PowerPoint presentation was done all the final year members of the team came up to the stage and gave a brief about their experience of working in the team. The team is currently captained by Prasenmit Nath, is looking forward to having a huge turnout for their inductions.   

Team MM wishes Tiburon to achieve greater heights and more successful ventures.

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