Live, Love, Eat: Chefs’ Club Orientation

Live, Love, Eat: Chefs’ Club Orientation

Zakiya Ali | Apr 02, 2018

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Founded in 2013 by KMS Katkam, an alumnus of NIT Rourkela who also happens to be the owner of SLR, Chefs’ club conducted its annual orientation cum inductions on 27th March at LA-104. The event, which kicked off fifteen minutes later than its scheduled time of 6 PM, saw a turn up of 20 odd food enthusiasts.

The event started with the distribution of a general questionnaire which basically tested the skills of the audience and most importantly their enthusiasm towards being a part of the club. Simultaneously, Thirumala, a member of the club briefed the audience through a presentation depicting the importance of food and the perks of being a Chef. Furthermore, she enlightened the audience on the back story of the club and how it came into existence.

Following this, Vijaya Kanthi, another member of the club presented a glimpse of the successful endeavors of the club and the various events it had organized in the past including those organized during our college fests such as Eat in Shine Out, Vintage Bowl in Innovision and Nitrutsav respectively. Additionally, she spoke of how almost every festival is celebrated by the club with various dishes and sweets being cooked by the club members themselves. This was followed by a display of pictures depicting the same.

Up next, to make the orientation fun and interactive, the organizers conducted a quiz which incorporated general questions related to food, diverse cuisines and such with chocolates being awarded to those who answered correctly. This was followed by the introduction of the post holders of the club along with the other members who spoke of their experiences with the club and about how it has shaped their lives. They also enlightened the students on the various facets of the club other than cooking. The event came to a close with the PI round of its inductions.

With a new bunch of cooking enthusiasts added to its folds, Team Monday Morning wishes the clubs and its members success in all its future ventures.

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