Mitigating the Stringent Schedule

Mitigating the Stringent Schedule

Zakiya Ali | Apr 02, 2018

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Being an institute of National Importance, NIT Rourkela has a rigorous schedule of classes from morning till evening with hardly any gaps in between. The institute also boasts of stern attendance rules with penalties ranging from one grade less to being debarred due to absents exceeding the maximum number entitled for this purpose. Owing to the time consumed in travelling from one department to the other, especially for open elective classes, some inter-department laboratories and theory classes, many students get late for their classes. Coupled to this, the firm punctuality rules of a few professors who refrain from entertaining the latecomers, adds to the agony of the students. Furthermore, the incessant class timings create an issue for the next professor if the previous one overshoots his/her class time. Keeping this in mind, the Senate passed a resolution reducing the duration of theory classes from one hour to 55 minutes with a 5 minutes break in between them except for open elective classes which will have 10 minutes gap before them.

To gauge the opinion of the NITR Junta regarding the same, Team MM conducted a poll.

Do you agree with the change in class timing from 1 hour to 55 minutes?

Nearly 76% of the population were of the opinion,

Yes, I think it would be fruitful as it would provide a good breathing period between consecutive classes

The scorching summer heat makes it difficult for any sane person to sit at a stretch through 3-4 hours of lectures. Thus, a major fraction of the NITR junta believed that the 5 minutes break in between classes was a good decision as it would allow them to get some fresh air and relax their minds hence allowing them to focus in the next class. Furthermore, the gap of 10 minutes before the open elective classes will give them enough time to shift from one department to the other.

A considerable 21% of the NITR populace reckoned

No, it is unnecessary and may lead to unnecessary confusion and extension of the class timings by some faculty members.

This fraction of the junta believes that the resolution is unnecessary and will have no effect on some of the faculties who, while delivering their lectures do not keep track of the time thereby exceeding their stipulated class time by 5 to 10 minutes. Furthermore, if it is not obeyed by some professors, it will create confusion for other professors as well as discontentment among the students who are expecting a gap before the next lecture. The change in timings was discussed in the HOD meetings yet, few faculty members have not received an official webmail stating the same. This again has led to further confusion among them.

A negligible 3% of the voters were offhand about this decision and voted for,

I do not have an opinion.

This includes the section of the masses that are aloof from this resolution and are comfortable with either of the duration of the theory classes.

All in all, this decision, brought relief to the strenuous schedule of the NITR Junta.Team Monday Morning hopes that this plan gets well implemented with all the faculty members made aware of it.

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