Paving The Way To Glory: Department of Ceramic Engineering

Paving The Way To Glory: Department of Ceramic Engineering

Payal Das | Apr 09, 2018

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As the spring semester is on the verge of its ending, it's indispensable to delve into the developments that the Department of Ceramic Engineering has undergone this semester. Team MM caught up with Prof. Ritwik Sarkar, the HOD of Ceramic Department, one fine evening to ascertain its progress on infrastructural and educational grounds.


Some laboratories and classrooms which were in a ramshackle condition have been renovated and some are yet to be revamped. In addition to that, new equipment has also been procured and installed in these labs, as a result of which the number of experiments to be conducted will increase from the coming semester. Due to the crunch of space, students have to work batch-wise in labs.  The department has planned to remodel certain archaic classrooms.


The students couldn't get a better exposure to advanced technologies and emerging concepts in the field of ceramics because no seminars or workshops were organized this semester.


With a significant proliferation in the number of category-3(>5.5 Lakhs Per Annum) companies, the students could get a chance to work with some top-notch companies. Though the increase in the number of core companies visiting the campus is propitious, there were a few companies who left with zero recruits. As told by the HOD, not many core companies visit the campus because they are not flourishing and running well. 


Research environment at NITR has always been at another level as there is a multitude of latest technologies for the benefits of every department. Not a single research paper was published this semester which is disappointing. On the other hand, an appreciable number of faculties have been offered to work in projects sponsored by organizations of national importance like DAE(Department of Atomic Energy), DST(Department of Science and Technology), etc. 


The exuberant sophomores in the department have united and are planning to start the student chapter of Indian Ceramic Society in the campus. Around 50-60 students have applied for the membership and if the application process completes smoothly then the department will soon function as a student chapter for budding ceramic engineers. 

Team MM hopes that the Department of Ceramic Engineering reaches great heights and places the tiles of its development aptly.


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