The Advent Of A Top Notch Sports Complex

The Advent Of A Top Notch Sports Complex

Reciprocating engineering and science and technology since 1961, NIT Rourkela which was formerly known as Regional Engineering College, has been popularized for its outstanding educational standards, high national reputation and unparalleled holistic facilities. To enhance its competence further and provide its students with the best of extracurricular facilities, NIT Rourkela has proposed an Indoor Stadium Complex that would occupy the rear end of the institute’s allotted land; near the premises of the hall of residences of boys. Latest technology and innovation involved in this endeavor promise an architecture worth beholding. This facility shall extend the institute’s games and sports regime and shall help it to outshine its contemporaries.

Hailing from IIT Kanpur, Prof. Animesh Biswas, Director, NIT Rourkela was fascinated by the indoor stadium there and aimed to extend that genre of quality and facility to NIT Rourkela. Hence, six months back he presented this concept which could accommodate the interests of the students of this campus in the Head Of Department meeting. Being circulated through webmail, this concept remains open for any additive suggestions and amendments so as to inculcate the ideas and choices of each and every student residing here.

Sportsmen on this campus have worked magic in their fields and have never failed to maintain the reputation of the institute. To boost their interests and talents further this colossal step towards an indoor stadium shall be considered as a giant leap towards providing a greater opportunity to grow and to learn. This stadium shall hoard world-class equipment and would attract many other premier institutes of the country.

Extending the vision of Prof. Animesh Biswas, a proposal was made for the construction of an indoor stadium in the campus in order to facilitate indoor sports, give students proper resources to enhance their involvement in indoor games and strengthen the sports fraternity of NITR. A site of 350 meters x 105 meters (around 8 acres) near the hostel area has been allotted for the construction of this proposed sports complex. The plot for this construction has been provided in the hostel area because of its proximity to the halls and ease of access.

The initial proposal for the stadium consists the requirement of 3 Badminton courts, 1 Basketball court, 2 Squash courts, 1 Gym hall, 1 Table Tennis room and an open-air theater with a seating capacity of 1000 persons.

The proposal has already been passed through the HOD meeting and Board of Governors (BOG). Recently a webmail has been sent to all the students and staff members regarding the suggestions and changes in the proposed idea of the stadium and a file of all responses are being prepared. There are suggestions for making a sports biomechanics lab in order to improve the performance of players by its analysis, increase in the number of badminton courts and many more. The feedbacks will soon be compiled and then this initial proposal will go through a committee meeting called Building and Works Committee (BWC) and if the modifications will be approved by the BWC, the proposal will be modified. Followed by the approval of the BWC, the proposal will go through the finance committee for budget and the final approval will be given by the BOG. The next BWC meeting will probably be held in June where all the proposed modifications will be finalized.

The proposal has been given to Central Public Works Department (CPWD) and PRAKALPA Planning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been chosen as the Consulting Architects for this upcoming project.

Currently, a humongous amount of INR 30 crores has been allocated for the construction of this extravagant sports complex although the budget as per the construction plan seems to exceed this figure. Another INR 10 crores will be expended on the top-notch equipment that will be procured for installation in this stadium. With more amendments to the proposed plan, the budget will definitely rise, as stated by Prof. Pradeep Sarkar, Professor-in-charge, of the construction. The institute has targeted to complete the ongoing construction works by July 31 so that the CPWD can start the construction of the indoor stadium from the first week of August. These construction projects underway do not include the Golden Jubilee Building though, as it will take more time to get ready.If everything goes as planned, the indoor stadium will be ready in a span of 2 years and NITR will soon have its indoor stadium which will facilitate the sports activities in the campus and raise the standards of every sports performer.

Prof. Japes Bera, Dean, Planning and Development was quoted as saying,

The institute wants to incorporate ideas of all its stakeholders so that this indoor stadium can become a world-class multipurpose sports complex.

Team MM hopes that this grand indoor stadium will soon be ready to serve all the purposes of the sports enthusiasts in the campus.

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