The 'GATE' to Success: Shashank Shekhar Thait

The 'GATE' to Success: Shashank Shekhar Thait

Deepak Kumar | Apr 09, 2018

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Shashank Shekhar Thait of Chemical Engineering Department recently scored an institute-highest, 69th position in the GATE exam. Introverted, ambitious and very down to earth, he puts his performance down to his persistent hard work.

Talking to MM, he said

I am academically not that good, my CGPA stands at 7.6. Anyway, not that many high paying companies come to recruit from my department. My main motive behind giving GATE was to get into a PSU, work there for some time and then go for MBA.

He began his preparation for GATE, almost eight months prior to the exam. Since his concepts were not clear, the challenge was greater for him. He wants more students to appear for GATE, primarily because the competition in Chemical Engineering is much less compared to Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering. This year about 16000 students appeared for GATE in Chemical Engineering.  

As far as preparation for this Exam is concerned, he believes that one does not require going to coaching classes in order to get a good score. There are certain standard books one needs to follow, usually, those are enough.

Quoting him,

GATE is very integral to getting into PSU’s and since competition is comparatively low, it is an added benefit to a chemical engineer. Moreover, the top recruiters in the department, IOCL, BPCL, HPCL, GAIL, etc. are all PSUs, and in order to get a core-job in these companies, clearing GATE is a must. The packages offered in my department are usually not that high and those packages get enhanced if you have a good GATE score.

He is surprised that people in our institute are not as serious for GATE as one would expect them to be, given the magnitude of the test. He wants a curriculum in place that tests the problem-solving aptitude of an individual. He had the following message for students aspiring to clear GATE,

GATE is an exam that needs rigorous practice, and that can only come from solving problems and solving them at a faster pace. It is a test of one’s ability to handle stress. There is no shortcut to success. That being said, given the favorable circumstances, students of Chemical Engineering should invest time preparing for GATE.


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