On a tiled path to success: Department of Ceramic Engineering

On a tiled path to success: Department of Ceramic Engineering

Deepak Marandi | May 28, 2018

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Ceramic materials are an indispensable part of a daily life. Tableware, refractories, sanitaryware, tiles are some ways ceramic materials make a part of the household. These are very important in electrical and electronics industry, as well as other industries, owing to their ease of production, abundance and specific properties. Ceramic materials are also proving to be invaluable in their applications in biotechnology, aerospace engineering, energy and nuclear sector and nanotechnology. These synthetic ceramic materials are made with synthetic and purer raw materials using advanced production techniques. Thus to cater to both traditional and advanced ceramic industry and further research and development in the field of ceramics; the Department of Ceramic Engineering was introduced in NIT, Rourkela.

Today, the department takes a total of 35 students for the 4-year B. Tech course in Ceramic engineering and 10 students for 5-year B. Tech and M. Tech Dual degree course in Industrial Ceramics. The department also offers 2 year M.Tech degree in Industrial Ceramics, and M. Tech (Research) and Ph. D degrees in Ceramic Engineering. A dedicated force of 14 qualified and trained professors prepare the students for their industrial and academic pursuits in life.

There has been a surge in research work in this department in recent years. Multiple ongoing research projects are being undertaken by the faculties which are being sponsored by multiple governmental research and developmental organizations. The fields of nuclear technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology are being explored through advanced ceramic engineering. The laboratories are well equipped with industrial grade machines and research equipment present to aid the students and faculty in their academic and project works.

The placement scenario has been getting better over the years, for both the department and Institute as a whole, with both core and non-companies actively recruiting students from the Ceramic Department.

With promising research and prospect for higher studies, and the support of the hardworking faculty members, this department will keep getting better and better over the coming years.

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