‘Bearing’ the technological future: Mechanical Engineering

‘Bearing’ the technological future: Mechanical Engineering

Sohan Mishra | May 28, 2018

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Being one of the oldest and broadest steams of learning, Mechanical Engineering applies fundamentals of machine learning, engineering mathematics, and mechanics and material science to design, analyse and maintain mechanical systems. Housed in one of the oldest buildings in NITR, the Department of Mechanical Engineering saw it’s humble beginnings in 1961. From manufacturing power-producing machines to power consuming machines, hence covering the major widgets of any workplace, there is a wide stretch of area where mechanical engineers can fit themselves in. Be it for improving safety, testing or evaluating theoretical designs. For their specialisation in understanding mechanical systems, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and instrumentation; mechanical engineers are capable of dealing with anything that moves by virtue of human involvement.

NIT Rourkela being a promising institute gives a wide range of opportunities for graduates pursuing mechanical engineering. It has a  tentative strength of 100 graduates pursuing B.Tech every year and a dedicated faculty of approximately 25. The Infrastructure of the branch has witnessed a major revamp with a brand new humongous facility opening its doors in 2018 for its students. The new construction is equipped with some of the most modern machinery and laboratory facilities, available in very few select Institutes of the nation.

The branch envisions establishing best mechanical engineers with ethical responsibilities and technical capabilities superior to most counterparts. It provides surplus opportunities to students to engage in multidisciplinary activities through co-operation of a number of participants. It gives students a chance to scratch the surfaces of higher ends of computation: be it for software designing, machine analysis or entrepreneurship.

The most notable research areas of professors include aerospace engineering, materials and surface engineering, advanced machining processes, thermal engineering and its applications, fluid engineering, refrigeration and cryogenics engineering, basic manufacturing and micro manufacturing, machine design and vibration analysis, robotics and mechatronics, statistical quality control, optimization, and operations management. The most notable sponsors for research include SERB, DRDO, DST and ISRO.

Placement scenario is quite bright for the branch with companies like Vedanta, Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Maruti-Suzuki and many more visiting the campus and recruiting meritorious students. Graduates also opted for analytics, IT and consultancy sectors with decent packages. Graduates can go for a number of specialisations choosing from aerospace, aeronautical, vehicle dynamics, automotive, tribology, mechatronics & robotics and material science & production. The previous year had witnessed four splendid offers (three for M.Sc and one for Ph.D.) for equally splendid students adding feathers to their wings and soared higher. The number of students showing an interest in higher education remains quite high for the branch, with admits being secured in premium Universities of the world, from NITR.

Team MM wishes all prospective students and the department, luck, and prosperity in all their endeavours.


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