Digging deeper and soaring higher: Department of Mining Engineering

Digging deeper and soaring higher: Department of Mining Engineering

Sudipta Kumar | May 28, 2018

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With a vision to become a global leader of higher learning in the field of eco-friendly exploitation and utilization of mineral resources for the welfare of the society, the Department of Mining Engineering was established to furnish world-class mining and mineral technological studies in the undergraduate, postgraduate and dictate levels. With an intake of 45 (35 in B.Tech and 10 in Dual Degree), it is one of the principle arms of engineering and technological studies.

Mining engineering is an engineering discipline that applies science and technology to the extraction of minerals from the earth. It is the practice of applying engineering principles to planning, development, operation, closure, and reclamation of mines. The Mining industry is in the limelight today because it provides most of the raw materials required for the ever-increasing demands of the society with regard to infrastructure, goods, services, and energy. The Department of Mining Engineering at NITR is associated with many other disciplines, such as Mining Technology, Geomechanics and Strata Control, Mine Environment and Safety Engineering, Clean Coal Technology, Mine Planning, Mine Surveying, Mining Geology and Hydrogeology. It boasts the modern and sophisticated types of equipment for physical experimentation and also has the latest computing facilities with state-of-the-art software like Surpac, Flac 2D & 3D, Udec, LabVIEW, Ventsim, Whittle, ArcGIS etc.

With a mission to carry out research and create a human resource for developing and adopting appropriate technology towards sustainable development of mineral resources, the Dept. of Mining Engg. has the following Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

(I )To provide necessary basic knowledge of science and engineering for pursuing studies in Mining Engineering.

(ii) To develop the ability among the students to evaluate and analyse different practical aspects of mining and related activities.

(iii) To equip the students with the application of computer knowledge/software to solve mining problems.

(iv)To train the students to develop prototypes of mining methods, types of equipment, environmental and safety monitoring devices etc.

(v) To provide a broad knowledge in multi-disciplinary engineering subjects in order to equip them to cope with the demand of industries other than mining.

The current research focus of the Department includes coal mining technology, fly ash management, slope stability, spontaneous heating of coal and mine fires, modelling of coalbed methane, cumulative environmental impact assessment, and mine systems reliability. Furthermore, Science and Technology project (S&T) titled “Development of TDR Based Wireless System for Slope Stability Monitoring in Opencast Mines”, sponsored by the Ministry of Mines- Government of India (GOI) is currently on the verge of completion with Prof. S. Jayanthu as the Principal investigator for the project. Also another project named “Estimation and Simulation of Gas Permeability as well as Stress-Strain Behaviour of Indian Coal Seam for CBM Production and CO2 Sequestration at in-situ conditions” by Prof. M.K. Mishra (former HOD), Dr. S. Mishra and Dr. H.K. Mishra is being done for SERB under DST, Delhi and is expected to be completed by  November 2018. Coal India, Odisha Mining Corporation, Utkal Alumina, Manganese Ore Limited was some of the industries which offered the R&D projects.

The placement scenario of the Department has remained promising ever since the establishment of the Department, as the engineers have requisite skills and knowledge to survive in high risk conditions. Lots of companies come for placement giving the graduates a whole new platform for learning and gaining experience. Some of the companies offering placement offers are Tata Steel, Coal India Limited, Hindustan Zinc Limited, Hindalco, Lafarge etc. with decent packages. The department has also witnessed a slew of students securing handsome ranks in examinations like GATE and also opting for higher studies, thus testifying for the quality of education provided here.

Team MM wishes the prospective students and the department , luck and prosperity in all their future endeavours.


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