No ‘MESS’ing with Quality of Food: DBA-MSS Mess Fiasco

No ‘MESS’ing with Quality of Food: DBA-MSS Mess Fiasco

Deepak Kumar | May 28, 2018

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On 16th April, a meeting was held in the common room of Dhirubhai Ambani hall of residence to address the issue of poor quality of mess food being provided to the boarders of this hall and M.S. Swaminathan Hall. A couple of days prior to the meeting, some students reportedly found dead insects in one of the meals provided in the Mess. The meeting was attended by Prof H.B. Sahu, Warden of DBA Hall, and Prof. Surajit Das, Warden of MSS Hall. Prof. Tarapada Roy, Assistant Warden of DBA hall was also present.

In the meeting, the students, along with the Mess Secretaries of both the halls, Aditya Mohanty and Marella Naresh, remained stern on their demand to change the caterer. They argued that this wasn’t the first time students had complained against the caterer, and even after repeated warnings, the situation had not changed. According to the Mess Secretaries of the halls, students had approached the Chief Warden during the previous semester with signatures of boarders who were unhappy with the quality of food, after which the caterer was asked to be present during the meals and was also asked to change his Mess manager. None of these guidelines were followed by the caterer, yet he was not sacked back then. 

In the meeting, it was decided that the caterer will continue till 30th April, and in case any problem arose during this course, he would have to pay a heavy fine and would be sacked immediately. It was eventually concluded that after 30th April, post the completion of exams, the DBA mess caterer would be relieved of his duties.  Team MM caught up with Prof. H.B. Sahu, he had the following to say in this regard,

Mess food quality is of utmost importance. We cannot compromise with the quality of food being served. With all this in mind, we have come to this conclusion to do away with the current caterers. They will continue until 30th  April and if any more complains, with regard to quality of food is brought forward, a heavy fine will be levied on the caterer.


Since then almost a month has passed, yet the same caterers are working in the common Mess of DBA and MSS halls.  Team MM hopes that the authorities concerned take a note of this and resolve it before the start of the next academic session.       

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