Fortifying Technology: Electronics and Communication/ Electronics and Instrumentation

Fortifying Technology: Electronics and Communication/ Electronics and Instrumentation

Raksha Karkera | Jun 02, 2018

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The Department of Electronics was established in the year 1987. This branch boasts of a faculty strength of 26 full-time professors. The department offers two B-Tech courses and 5 M-Tech courses besides Ph.D. in all aspects of Electronics. The department sees around 90 freshmen every year, combining Electronics and Communication (EC) and Electronics and Instrumentation (EI) for B-Tech.

The department functions with the purpose of becoming a nationally acclaimed department of higher learning that will serve as a source of knowledge and expertise for the society and be a preferred destination for undergraduate and graduate studies. Electronics Engineers design, develop and test electronic systems, devices, and equipments. Examples of these systems include GPS systems, communication systems, antennas, electronics guidance system for aircraft, electronic control for missiles, entertainment electronics and home applications and many more.

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at NIT Rourkela covers a host of subjects inclusive of electronic circuits, microprocessors, digital signal processing, image processing and computer vision, soft computing, analog communication, digital communication, mobile communication, VLSI, Embedded Systems, electronic instrumentation, analytical instrumentation and many more.

The department has laboratories catering to all the subjects of this stream. Faculty members of the department are working under various specializations; these specializations being- Communication engineering, VLSI and embedded systems, Signal Processing and Instrumentation.

Many research projects are being pursued by faculty members with funding from organizations like ISRO, DST, DRDO, and BRFST. Some of these include “ Intelligent surveillance data retriever (ISDR) for smart city application” and “Development of a hand gesture based interface system for remote controlled surveillance mobile robot.”

The Electronics students manage to get placed in top notch companies which include Deloitte, IBM, PWC, Oracle, Intel, Jio, Ola Cabs and many more. The interested students have often availed lucrative opportunities in terms of internships, research projects and masters and doctoral programs in India or abroad.

The current Head of the Department Prof. Tarun Kumar Dan, had the following to say:

 We have been continuously striving for improvement every day and we will continue to do that, we would like to be known as a sought-after destination for all students & research scholars.

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