The Best Moments of the FIFA World Cup

The Best Moments of the FIFA World Cup

Team MM Reuben Abraham | Jun 25, 2018

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Football has reigned as the favorite game of the world for over a century now after it’s inception in 1863 in England. The spirit of the game has enticed and enthralled fans much more than the trophies. Nostalgia fills each fan during the frenzy of the FIFA World Cup, which has recorded some of the finest moments of the game. 

As the FIFA World Cup 2018 reaches the Semi-Finals stage after a spectacular show over the past month, Team Monday Morning thought of giving all fans a walk down the memory lane through the following graphic stories.

Maradona’s Run of Glory

The quarterfinals of 1986  witnessed the most skillful goal of Diego Maradona in the Match of Argentina vs England. The goal has been dubbed a work of art henceforth, wherein Maradona did not let any defender interrupt his run to post. Have a look at an illustrated depiction of the moments leading up to it.

Dennis Bergkamp's Goal in the Last Minute

Dennis Bergkamp’s goal in the last minute of normal time in the 1998 quarterfinals was a goal that was more of a work of art. The Netherlands was playing against Argentina in Marseille. The match was deadlocked at a point after which Bergkamp scored the goal that changed the course of the match. A long ball from Frank de Boer was a sensational one that hit Bergkamp in stride just inside the penalty box. The following is a visual depiction of the sequence of events that led to the goal.

Carlos Alberto’s Wonder Goal and Brazil’s Perfect Win

The name of the squad of Brazil of 1970 has forever been resurrected in any debate about the best team in World Cup history. The team was decked out in stars such as Jairzinho, Rivelino, Carlos Alberto, Tostao and of course, Pele. They had won the World Cup in 1958 and 1962 and were determined to get it back in 1970. They would not only accomplish this task, but also play a style of football that thrilled the world. The 1970 Brazil team is the only team to ever win every qualifying match and World Cup match. They thrashed them 4-1 in one of the best displays in finals history. The fourth-and-final goal was a thing of perfection worth living through the following Graphic Story.


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