The New Charter Of Vision: Chief Warden's Column

The New Charter Of Vision: Chief Warden's Column

Maneesh Rout Shubhra Pujari | Jul 30, 2018

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With the advent of a fresh academic, while there has been considerable excitement among boarders regarding the reopening of college, there have also been several questions raised about their stay in the respective halls of residence. Team MM met the newly appointed Chief Warden, Prof. S. K. Pratihar to discuss some of the pertaining issues and try to reach credible solutions to the same.

Monday Morning (MM): The rooms in VS, SD, MSS and MV have a single LAN port in double-occupancy rooms. Boarders are complaining regarding the difficulties faced by them with respect to this issue. Is there any plan to solve this issue?

Prof. S. K. Pratihar (SKP): This is definitely a matter of concern. As I have recently taken over the charge of Chief Warden I was unaware of this issue. One port can be divided into two so that both the students sharing the room can have access to LAN.

MM: Recently a fire had broken at the CSE department. Suppose a similar incident occurs at any of the hostels, what are the countermeasures that are provided to deal with it?

SKP: Yeah definitely a plan has to be made for tackling such hazardous incidents. The gas pipeline connections are changed and provided a separate line so that there does not arise any case of gas leakage. Orders to install exhausts in the mess of hostels have been passed.

MM: There is no cycle stand in SD Hall of Residence. Boarders are facing hitches while parking their cycles. Is there any plan to build one?

SKP: SD Hall of Residence is quite vast. It has got a cycle stand probably, but it is somewhat far away from the blocks. There will be a separate entry made towards the cycle stand.

MM: There have been complaints about the new late entry rule in KMS Hall of Residence. Unlike the previous rule where boarders were allowed 3 late entries in a month, the new rule says to seize their ID cards if they return after 11 pm even once. This creates snags among boarders who may be late due to some club-related works. What are your views on it?

SKP: I believe this should not be a great issue for the boarders. If this is the new rule, then a student can simply give an application stating that she will be late. Or, we can also provide a standard late-entry form, which needs to be signed by someone who will be late to the hostel.

MM: The quality of food served at DBA-MSS mess has degraded to a great extent. Students reportedly found dead insects in their foods. A meeting was held where it was decided that the mess caterer will be released of his duties on completion of the semester. But still, the same caterers are working in the common mess. Why is it so?

SKP: Initially it was decided to change the caterers, but it could not be done so due to various administrative issues. This step has been delayed mainly because PF, ESI and GST were not paid to the workers. And we definitely cannot make them work the entire day. So we need to increase the number of workers, which will lead to a hike in mess fees. So it is yet to be decided whether to increase the mess fees or go with the base menu, which is available at a lower price. As far as food hygiene is considered, it is looked after by a separate committee.

MM: Majority of sophomores in SD Hall of Residence are not allotted rooms as per their choice list. Instead, they have been allotted rooms according to their roll numbers. This lead to several issues between the boarders. What is your take on this?

SKP: Boarders were asked to provide lists of the people they want to share rooms with. But there were some names found common in two or more lists. This would have created a discrepancy in future. To avoid this confusion, rooms were allotted on a different basis.

MM: In case a student is differentially abled, what aids are provided to them for a comfortable stay in hostels?

SKP: We aim at providing a pleasant stay to all the boarders. For a student who is greatly physically challenged, provisions are made to ease his discomfort. If the situation demands, we may also allow that person a room in SSB Hall of Residence, which has attached washrooms, so that their problems are lessened.

MM: As there has been a rise in the number of girls getting admitted into the institute progressively, what measures are taken as far as the hostel amenities are concerned?

SKP: There is a new girls’ hostel coming up, which can accommodate 750 boarders, and it is the foremost priority. The work is expected to be completed soon. The damaged pieces of furniture are in a process of replacement or repair. Washrooms have to be renovated as they are in a bad condition. The study room in KMS Hall has been planned to make air-conditioned.

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