Testing the Mettle: Badminton Institute Team vs Freshers Team

Testing the Mettle: Badminton Institute Team vs Freshers Team

Deepak Marandi | Aug 12, 2018

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Badminton is as much a sport of the mind as it is of the body. A badminton player not only has to be swift on their feet, but also have to be quick in their judgement. The badminton Institute Team of NIT Rourkela put their mind and body to the test against the freshmen. The Institute Badminton Team faced off against the Team of Freshmen on 8th of August in the GDB Badminton court.

Before the match started, all the players had a warm-up and practice session for about half an hour starting from 6:00 PM onwards. The game started at 6:30 PM with Dhruva Singh from the institute team playing against Rahi Golani, from the freshers’ team. The match went on for about half an hour as the players played two rounds. Overcoming the institute player and showcasing his established background, Rahi defeated Dhruva in two consecutive sets to secure a victory.

In the second match, T Prithvi Kiran from the institute team played against Ashish Kumar Singh. The match was very competitive as both the players displayed their strength as well as their agility in the two sets played. Only after the match got stretched to three deuces in the second set, did Ashish managed to gain an advantage to win the set and win the match.

The third match was a doubles match, which was won by Prashant Jhangir and Dhruva Singh from the institute team, by walkover, because of unavailability of opponents.

The fourth match was between Prashant Jhangir from the institute team and Ayush Kumar from the freshers’ team, who is in his 1st year of M. Tech. This match went on for more than half an hour, as all the three sets were played. Ayush secured the first set. Prashant made a comeback in the second set and won both of the next two sets and ensured his victory. 

The fifth match was again a doubles match played between Swapnil Sahoo and K V S Sai Krishna, from the Institute team, playing against Ayush Kumar and Swapnil S. from the freshers’ team. A Doubles match different from Singles matches as apart from physical strength and quick judgement, one also has to maintain good coordination with their partner for a successful game. Good coordination was on display from both the sides, as they played a swift-footed and evenly matched game. But the institute team bested the freshers’ team and won the first two sets to secure a victory.

The following two matches were contested between the Institute Girls team and the Freshmen Girls team. The first was a singles match played between Komal, representing the freshers’ team, and Sushree Suman, from the Institute team. Suman came out victorious in the match. The second match was a doubles match, in which Smruti Snigdha and Smruti Biswal from the institute team played against Komal and Sneha Prajapati from the freshers’ team. The game was won by the girls representing the Institute team.

At the end of all matches, the Institute men’s team won 3-2 against the Freshers’ men’s team, and the Institute women’s team won 2-0 against the Freshers’ women’s team. The event was a showcase of brilliant talent from both the sides. A number of both powerful and elegant shots were played which demanded applause from the audience.

Team MM wishes the Institute badminton team and all the new inductees' success in this academic year.


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