Advancing Mobile Robotics : Prof. B B V L Deepak

Advancing Mobile Robotics : Prof. B B V L Deepak

Shubhra Pujari | Aug 13, 2018

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The Department of Industrial Design has strived in the recent past to blend with the International scenario of research in Engineering and Design. The recent participation of the Head of The Department, Prof. B.B.V.L Deepak, in an International conference in Mauritius stands testimony to the growing quality of research in the department.

Dr. B B V L Deepak is graduate in Mechanical Engineering from JNT University in Hyderabad. He acquired his Masters in Technology from NIT Rourkela in Machine Design and Analysis, and PhD in Robotics and Automation from NIT Rourkela as well. His areas of specialisation are Machines and Mechanisms, Industrial Robots, Autonomous Guided Vehicles, Algorithm Development for Trajectory.

He had participated in the 5th International Conference on Information System Design and Intelligent Applications, held by the University of Mauritius from 19th – 21st July 2018. The paper presented by him was titled ‘Path Generation of a Different Mobile Robot using Fuzzy Inference System’.

“There have been numerous algorithms implemented for the mobility of robots, we had developed a new set of algorithms.” 


Said Prof. B.B.V.L Deepak.

He also received The Best Paper Award which was sponsored by International Business Machines.

Participants from numerous nations had come to witness and participate in this conference. One of the keynote speakers of this conference was Shri Aninda Bose, Springer Senior Publishing Editor, who delivered a speech on ethics. The same lecture was given by him in NITR a few years back, so it was overwhelming to meet him. The other keynote speaker was Prof. Jagdish Chandra Bansal, who is an exceptional developer of Evolutionary Algorithms. He is also working as an Editor-in-chief for an international journal named Indoor Science Publications.

Team MM congratulates him on his success and wishes him all the very best for the brilliant future ahead. 

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