Scrupulous and Prodigious : Abhijeet Killol at World SAE Congress

Scrupulous and Prodigious : Abhijeet Killol at World SAE Congress

“Passion is the genesis of genius.”

A staunch believer of this philosophy, Abhijeet Killol, a final year B.Tech undergraduate from the Department of Mechanical Engineering has brought laurels to the institute by participating at World SAE Congress held during 12-14 April 2018 at Detroit, Michigan, USA. As a result of sheer determination and dedication, Abhijeet presented his research and exchanged his ideas and innovations with the emerging global technology and research enthusiasts and many eminent scientists at such a prestigious platform. Team MM caught up with this humble prodigy where he shared the technicalities of his research and his experience at the conference. The research was accomplished under the guidance and motivation of Professor S. Murugan from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and equal efforts of Nikhlesh Reddy, Santosh Paruvada, and Abhijeet Killol, but unfortunately, the former two undergraduates could not accompany Mr. Killol to the conference due to VISA issues.

Hailing from the town of Amravati, Maharashtra, Abhijeet completed his matriculation at Dnyanmata High School, Amravati and went to Nagpur for his intermediate studies. Right from his childhood, he has admired cars and machines that strengthened his passion to pursue Mechanical Engineering.


During the end of his second year, he started working on his research project titled

“Performance and Emission characteristics of DI Diesel engine fueled with diesel and orange oil blends using different Bowl-in Piston geometries”.

The research included modifications on the currently used Bowl-in pistons to test and observe the effects of turbulence and swirl in diesel engine and its effect on combustion, performance, and emission. Four holes of diameter 5mm each were drilled in the pistons that were responsible for the generation of turbulence, along with it, special grooves were made to produce swirls in the combustion chamber. This kind of piston with additional holes and grooves was termed as “Interjet Bowl-in pistons”. In the entire experiment, instead of using the conventional diesel, orange oil was blended with diesel at different proportions ranging from 10% to 50% by proportion and it was concluded that the performance was optimum at 40% mixture of orange oil in diesel.

Last year, Abhijeet Behera, a then final year undergraduate of the Mechanical engineering department of the college had participated in the World SAE Congress and turned out to be the inspiration for Abhijeet Killol. Like every year, SAE invited research paper submissions for the World SAE Congress where the researchers need to submit the abstracts of their respective research. Following the procedure, the research of Mr. Abhijeet Killol was shortlisted due to its innovativeness and other required parameters. Afterward, he submitted the entire manuscript to the evaluators of the committee which is generally subject to modifications in terms of technical knowledge and general presentations. Abhijeet addressed the required queries satisfactorily and eventually was invited to present his research paper at the prestigious conference.


Apart from facing logistic issues, the major challenge that he faced was managing the tremendous burden of academics, Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) and the ongoing research. Being the drivetrain head of FSAE, it was difficult for him to come up with the additional pressure, eventually, this adversely affected his CGPA and academics. But with a smiling and satisfied face, he admits he has no regrets for his dwindling CGPA because he dedicated his time and sweat for something that he loved and was passionate about. Unlike his senior Abhijeet Behera, he was not provided with any financial aid for the trip by the institute and was provided with a reason that such financial aids can only be availed by M.Tech and Ph.D. students. With the cooperation of Prof. Shantanu Behera, the alumni were made aware of such participation of Abhijeet at Detroit and eventually, Hare Krishna Pattnaik, an alumnus of 1971 batch from the Department of Electrical Engineering happened to be an amazing host for Abhijeet who took care of his accommodation and traveling issues at the US.


Detroit seemed to be the Mecca for an automobile enthusiast like Abhijeet since the city witnessed the revolution of the automobile industry pioneered by three automakers: Ford, General Motors(GM), Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The conference also included an exhibition where new technologies and innovations were introduced and launched related to the automobile industry, for example, oven-sized 3D Printer, Upgraded simulation software for engines and GM’s cruise. Since Prof. Murugan who had been to the conference several times in the past, accompanied Abhijeet, he was guided by the professor to approach the fellow research scholars and different professors. He believes the biggest perk of attending such a reputed conference is meeting eminent personalities and researchers whose domains involved various realms of automobiles. Along with that, it has an additional benefit of learning about some research from the author himself and moreover, you get an exposure to the latest technologies and inventions. During his stay, he got an opportunity to visit Oakland University where Professor Hare Krishna Pattnaik is currently carrying on his research in Automobile Electronics. He met with the FSAE team named Grizzlies Racing and interacted about the technology that they instill while making cars and gathered knowledge on management and technical skills. Comparing the research facilities of NIT Rourkela and the university he feels the US Universities are way better than us in many manifolds in terms of research and development. For example, Chassis Dynamometer, an indispensable instrument for automobile industries can be found at limited locations in India but could be found in most of the colleges in the US. They had separate laboratories allotted to the team with every facility that they need which currently the FSAE team in NIT Rourkela doesn’t get access to. But he appreciates the research facilities of our institution as well and feels we are at a better place as compared to the contemporary Indian institutions. He further suggests, the college should have an exclusive automobile laboratory that would boost up the infrastructure and research atmosphere in the college.


Abhijeet Killol has been dedicated to SAE since his first year and currently serves as a mentor along with Aditya Mohanty, Abinash Mohapatra, and Sampath Kedari. While talking about the consecutive inability of the team to perform even after putting tremendous skills and hard work into action, he recollects the minute mistakes that happened at the eleventh hour of the competition. Although due to faults in the engine they could not run their vehicle at the competition location they gave an outstanding performance in static criteria of the contest and have gathered appreciation. Having been always affectionate towards the central workshop he was pleased with the isolated section that has been provided adjacent to the Mechanical department for the team to work enthusiastically without any disturbances. But sophisticated machinery, high-end equipment and regularly running healthy engines were some of the renovations that he wished the workshop could have.


After having successfully presenting the research paper in the world SAE Congress, Abhijeet is continuing his research and has written another paper on biofuels in IC Engines, which is currently under the Peer Review Process and will hopefully be published within a few months.

He is planning to pursue his higher studies in his field of interests after his bachelor’s degree and the researches he carried in his undergraduate career will definitely give a head start for pursuing higher studies at his dream universities.

I am immensely glad that my parents always supported my passion and motivated me to achieve this milestone. The most important thing for research is an idea. A great idea with the perfect light of execution is what one needs to succeed in one’s life. Do whatever you love!

He concluded with this galvanizing message to our exuberant readers.



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