A Commendable Performance by the Newcomers: The Institute vs Freshers Basketball Match

A Commendable Performance by the Newcomers: The Institute vs Freshers Basketball Match

Sayan Dey | Aug 20, 2018

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The previous Saturday on 14th of August witnessed a dramatic encounter between the institute basketball team of NITR and a recently inducted team of freshers in the institute basketball court in a rain-soaked evening. Every year, an official match between the institute and the freshers’ team is conducted at NITR in each sport. The match was important for the freshers as an opportunity to show their skill and capability to be inducted into the institute team.

Tushar Patnaik, SAS (Student Activity Services) officer and Purnima Joshi, SAS assistant were present as chief guests on the occasion to lift up the enthusiasm level in the air. The match started at 7 p.m. The institute team got off to a flyer—bagging initial points as soon as the game started. The freshers took some time to score their first point with skipper Sandip Kumar (from the official team) leading from the front. On the other hand, the institute team took advantage of their experience and the teammates gave good assists to each other helping the ball trickle through the opponents’ hoop repeatedly. The veterans continued to maintain a decent lead throughout the match. The freshers’ team seemed to lack in coordination on the court and appeared a bit of dispersed by the initial onslaughts of the institute team in the first half. The institute team finished up the first half with a good lead in the scoreboard.

Things took a turn in the second half and the freshers geared up to attacking mode in the very first minutes of the second half penetrating the opponent’s defence for multiple times. The freshers showed better coordination and higher sportive energy on the court in the second half in comparison with the former half. Their exploits were applauded by the claps and cheers of the present audience. Though, the match finished in favour of the official team with a lead of 58 to 19 over the freshers’ side, the latter impressed everyone with their performance in the match.

Rayudu Roshan, captain of the institute squad, seemed to be quite impressed by the freshers’ gameplay as he said,

Overall it was a spectacular match. It is good to see that freshers are interested in playing basketball. It will be interesting to see how many of them comes to practise. They are always welcome to come and practise with the team. Those who will come regularly and perform well will be selected for the team.



Asked about the increment in the score of the freshers’ squad in the second half, captain Sandip Kumar said,

Our scoring rate increased after the second quarter, as our coordination on the court improved as the game progressed. Overall, the freshers’ team played well.

Ganesh Sahoo, who played a good hand for the freshers’ team said,

In the last quarter, we put up a better fight as it was well coordinated than the previous ones. The changes worked for us. We need to practise more. With more experience and confidence we will perform better.

The freshers impressed the spectators with their debut performance. Now, it will be interesting to see how they keep up their spirit and improve their skills and techniques in the upcoming days.


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