A Win to Remember: AIChE, NIT-R Chapter at Student Regional Conference

A Win to Remember: AIChE, NIT-R Chapter at Student Regional Conference

Deepak Marandi | Aug 20, 2018

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The students of NIT Rourkela showed us yet again that there is more to a student than books and exams.  This time it is AIChE NIT Rourkela Student Chapter which tastes success on a national level by winning the Chem-E-Jeopardy event.

AIChE NIT Rourkela Chapter attended the AIChE Student Regional Conference, held in VIT, Vellore on 10th and 11th of August. This national level conference was attended by various Institutes and AIChE chapters from all over the country. The conference had numerous competitions and workshops throughout the course of the two days. While the workshops covered topics which are relevant to the industry, the competitions tested practical knowledge and skills of the students in various fields.

The contingent from NIT Rourkela participated in various competitions like Chem-E Car, and Chem-E-Safe during the two days.

One of the competitions in this event was the ChemE Jeopardy event. It was a quiz competition where teams of four represented their college and competed against each other. The team of Rahul Mohanty, Bijan Kumar Behera, Bidyasagar and S.Rutuparna had participated in this competition, representing NIT Rourkela. Even after a stiff competition, this team managed to come out victorious in the competition.

On being asked about the preparation, Rahul Mohanty, who is a fourth-year student, founder and ex-president of the chapter, said,

Actually, we had never prepared for this event, it was only presence of mind and pre-existing knowledge which fortunately helped us through.

They received a prize money of 200 USD, which after conversion, amounts to around 12,000 INR.

As winners at the national level in AIChE Student Regional Conference, the NIT Rourkela Chapter gets a chance to represent India in the international Annual Student Conference, to be held in Pittsburgh, USA, from 26th to 29th of October this year. This presents an opportunity for the Chapter to represent the Institute on an international level.

After success on a  national scale, the team is motivated and determined to carry forward this confidence onto the international scale. But to make this possible, full support of the authorities is required. It is only through sufficient backing and funding that the students can represent our Institute on national and global scales and bring more laurels and recognition to the Institute.

On this, Rahul Mohanty had this to say:

Failure is a stepping stone to success. As a student chapter of NIT Rourkela, we represent the Institute in all our competitions outside. And if we bring glory to our Institute, the Institute also should support us in every way possible to go ahead. We have the ability to do, and we have proved it on a national level. Now, to go abroad and represent our Institute on an international level, we need full support and help from the Institute so that we bring more glory and recognition to our Institute.


Team MM congratulates AIChE members on their victory and wishes them good luck on their foreign endeavours.


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