Icing The Weekends: The Bhubaneswar Behera Theatre

Icing The Weekends: The Bhubaneswar Behera Theatre

Harsh Mohan Sohan Mishra | Aug 27, 2018

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The NIT Rourkela junta have had ample scope of recreation years ago. Hence to unfold the similar trend of avocation, Student Activity Centre proposed to screen movies, interceding on behalf of student’s entertainment. The initiative showed up as a boon to curb the scopes of a boring weekend and hence spicing it up. However, there are limitations, guidelines and restrictions to it as every good thing comes up with.

THE PROPOSAL: The proposal to screen movies in Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium was a long-shelved decision before the Student Activity Centre to make. A fresh proposal involving a contract with a private company to screen movies was placed before SAC a year ago and the proposal materialised about 2 months back in form of an MOU between the institute and the private beneficiary.

MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU): As per the MOU reached between SAC, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela and ‘SUN Movies’ based in Cuttack, ‘SUN Movies’ will be screening the latest movies in BBA for an MOU period of one year. They are called upon to screen the movie in BBA in the immediate weekend of its release.

GENRE: The MOU asks ‘SUN movies’ to screen the latest in varied movies in English, Hindi, Odia, Bengali and Telugu. They will be deciding on which movie to screen. Popular demands of students would also be entertained. However, each movie first needs to be passed by the Institute for screening.

TIMINGS: The movies would be screened every Saturday and Sunday starting the 25th of August,2018 as per the following timings:

  1. First Show – 10:00 am
  2. Second Show – 02:00 pm
  3. Third Show – 06:00 pm

Timings will be tight and well regulated. In case of an institute programme on Saturdays and/or Sundays, other weekdays/public holidays may be chosen for the screening of the films. The movie screening will solely depend upon the availability and feasibility of the auditorium.

*Movies would be screened without an intermission owing to the difficulty involved with controlling the crowd going in and out during the break.


AVAILABILITY: Tickets as per the present provisions would be available both offline as well as online.

  • Offline tickets will be available at the counter in the Student Activity Centre from a day prior to the screening.

*For offline availability of tickets contact – Ravi Verma: 9337038741

Tickets are mandatory for every individual above the age of 5 years. Kids below this minimum age would be allowed inside without a separate seat.

*The decision on whether the tickets for all the available seats would be given to all irrespective of staff and students on the basis of first come first serve or some seats will be reserved only for faculty and staff is pending. SAC, President Prof. Snehashish Chakraverty stated that since there are three shows per day, one show per day might be reserved only for staff. This is not yet decided.


  • Offline tickets are priced at Rs 70.
  • Online tickets will be charged Rs 80.

The institute is to get Rs.10 per ticket sold. The rest is to remain with SUN movies. This amount generated would come to the Student Activity Centre which is to be utilised for maintenance of the Auditorium.

RULE: No snacks or beverages (except for water bottles) would be allowed inside the auditorium during the screening of the movie. Not abiding by this rule might call upon disciplinary action from the authorities.


FIRST DAY, FIRST SHOW: The first show on the 25th of August was reserved for the staff and faculty as per an email circulated among themselves by the registrar. The show which was screened shortly after the inauguration ceremony at 11:00 am was watched by several dignitaries including Prof. S. Panigrahi, Dean, Student Welfare, Prof. S. Chakraverty, President, SAC among many other members of faculty and staff. BBA of around 800 was half full to its capacity during the first screening and the crowd for the second half could be counted to surpass the previous number. The huge turnout brought excitement and smiles to the organisers as well.

‘Sanju’ starring Ranbir Kapoor was screened on the first day

‘Gita Govinda’, a Telugu movie is scheduled to be screened the following Sunday.


On one hand where you save a considerable amount of money in terms of travelling cost and low-ticket price when you come to BBA for a movie, a movie without popcorn diminishes the theatre experience.

To the question of movie ‘SANJU’ which was released two months ago being shown for the first show, Prof. S. Chakraverty said,

Today we are just starting and so 'SUN movies' is screening ‘Sanju’. But the MOU states that they will screen the latest movies which are in theatres and they will abide by it.

In his final remark, Prof. S. Chakraverty said,

We hope this initiative to be successful and hope that each show would be a houseful. This primarily focuses on providing the students, faculty and staff with a source of enjoyment within the campus. If the event is successful we can gradually think of having a film festival at our institute.


The students mostly had a positive reaction to this initiative. Students quoted the initiative as,

some valuable entertainment amidst the stressed life of the students

a very good move to pass the boredom in the weekends and refresh ourselves

However, a small section of students also feels that,

The scheme does not make sense. If we are to pay why not go outside the campus with friends and enjoy without the restrictions imposed.

Where a majority of students stated that they would like to go for a movie which is either Bollywood or Hollywood a considerable number opted for regional movies too. SAC has decided on screening movies of regional languages so as to maintain the dignity of being a National Institute which respects and promotes cultural equality.

On a positive note, a large chunk of the populace is also willing to travel to Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium to watch a recently released movie even if they have the option of downloading it. Furthermore, the students stated that they would go there if the movie released is a month old if it interests them.


The mail circulated stated that no snacks or beverages would be allowed inside the auditorium during the screening of the movies. The reaction of students depicted that they understand the concerns of the authority regarding cleanliness and sanitation of the auditorium which would otherwise have required extra labour to clean the hall after each screening of the movie.


Overall the endeavour has been received wholeheartedly by the NIT populace. While movie screenings at BBA is a great way to unwind the end of a long week, the organisers must ensure that ample publicity for each to-be-screened movie is done for the same. Furthermore, movies from student’s wish list would garner much more appraise for the initiative. A film festival can be a good idea but the implementation of the present endeavour will decide its future. We wish that the Student Activity Centre, NIT Rourkela find the auditorium houseful on every show.


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