Congregation Of Physicists : New And Old

Congregation Of Physicists : New And Old

Sohan Mishra | Aug 27, 2018

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With the dawn of a yet another academic session, that witnessed a new
the crowd of ambitious physicists, the Department of Physics had their
freshers on the 24th  of August (Friday) at the community center.

In an absolute aroma of critical thinking and amiable interaction, the freshers had a great time, be it with their fellow graduates or the seniors.The event was flagged off by an introductory speech about the department by their esteemed Head Of the Department Prof. D.Behera followed by a revering felicitation of the newly enrolled staff Prof. S.C. Mohapatra with a memento. 

Later on, the Dean and Senior professors took over the crucible and called upon humbly, Prof S.Panigrahi to felicitate Prof M. Biswas. However owing to some inevitable circumstances, Prof M. Biswas couldn’t be a part of the gracious evening.

After the necessary felicitations and as the professors braced them to their seats, the first year integrated M. Sc students were called upon cordially on to the stage to introduce themselves. The freshers turned out to be grooving themselves well into the ambience without the slightest trace of dismal or boredom. There were musical performances to cheer up the evening above mediocrity. Later on the M. Sc student freshers were called upon to introduce themselves. This was traced upon with some more voluntary entertaining surprises
sequenced by introductory talks with the Ph.D. scholars. The gravity of the introduction sessions was broken with some rejoicing dance performances to lighten up the ambience and intensify the essence of
peer to peer interaction. The evening witnessed some surprise performances by the revered faculty, Prof. A K Singh, and Prof. P N
The evening was wrapped up well and good with a simple yet scrumptious dinner and other friendly interactions tagging
along on the table.

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