A Mirthful Evening: Department of Mathematics Freshmen Orientation

A Mirthful Evening: Department of Mathematics Freshmen Orientation

Sayed Munib Ahamad | Aug 27, 2018

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For every freshman, college life is full of both apprehension and excitement. With an aim to help the freshmen get seasoned in the ways of NITR and to have a healthy interaction with them, the students of the Department of Mathematics celebrated their branch freshers on Saturday to welcome the newcomers to their department. The event which was organized in was graced by the presence of more than 80 students from the department, who all came together for a fun evening of mirth, celebration, and joy. They welcomed the 8th batch of Int MSc. students and MSc first years as well.

The event began at around 7 PM since they were all waiting for the 5th years to come as well with a welcome of the incoming freshmen by the existing students. The event was hosted by Sankreethi, a fourth-year student. The freshmen then introduced themselves one by one emphasizing on their unique qualities. The introductions ranged from simple and straightforward ones to very intriguing and creative!

Then an interesting game of drawing out chits and roleplaying was played in which there was a lot of interaction between the students. There were some notable songs by MSc students which were listened to intently. After all of that, all the folks present descended on the dance floor to move to the tunes of melodious songs. The Mr and Ms. freshers were announced as well.

The decision regarding the winner for Mr. and Miss. Fresher was taken considering the freshmen’s performances and their creative introductions. Mr. Fresher was awarded to Susank Prakash and Ms. Fresher to Ratna Tejaswini. The event went on till about 9:30 PM after which a cake was also cut to welcome the 8th batch into the institute. Finally, the complete responsibility for the smooth organization of the event was shouldered by the 4th years of the department who successfully planned and executed the whole event. Team MM congratulates the department of mathematics for the successful programme and wishes the incoming freshmen the absolute best for their future at NIT Rourkela.

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