Extending A Warm Welcome To The BT-BM Freshers:

Extending A Warm Welcome To The BT-BM Freshers:

N Manyata | Sep 03, 2018

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 With the advent of a yet another academic session, the Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering celebrated its fresher's party on 29th of August at LA 104. Though the event was scheduled at 6:00 pm and got delayed by around half-an-hour, the sophomores went an extra mile under the guidance of the pre-final year and final year seniors to ensure its grand success. The hall was ostentatiously decorated with colourful balloons and ornate frills, which enamored the monochromatic walls and heightened the jazziness of the evening. The evening was hosted by Saumyaa Suneja and Daman Yadav and began with the distribution of a questionnaire consisting a set of witty and entertaining questions among the freshers. To set the tone for the rest of the evening, the atmosphere was fuelled by top EDM songs being played in the backdrop and overseen by a sophomore Ajinkya Bakshi. The event had a mellifluous beginning with a Malayalam devotional song by Riya. This was followed by a  Shayari session by Biswajit who successfully tickled the funny bones of the audience. This was superseded by an array of impressive and enthralling performances by the freshers including a high octane dance performance by Pritimayee, a melodious song by Archita, a comical Shayari session by Sourabh. Meanwhile, the appetizing refreshments were served too. A dance performance by a group of fresher girls Monalisha, Abhilipsa, Karishma and Sandhana left the audience in awe. This was followed by a stand-up comedy session by Debaprata that made the audience laugh their hearts out was greeted with a thunderous applause. Then a Western versus Classical Dance faceoff by Abhipsa and Jainam left the audience spell-bound and stupefied. An electrifying and incredible Contemporary cum Hip-Hop dance by Hasan was a phenomenal conclusion to the line-up of performances by the freshers. An impromptu dance jig by Swati Jain (3rd year), Urmila Pradhan (4th year) and Roja Gauda (4th year) was the highlight of the evening. Ajinkya Bakshi, a sophomore put forth an unprecedented and awe-inspiring beat-boxing performance that left the audience wide-eyed.

After all the performances there was a healthy interactive session between the seniors and the freshmen. Based on the answers to the questionnaire and their inter-personal skills, few of the girls and boys were shortlisted for Miss and Mr. Fresher. After undergoing an arduous selection procedure, Jainam Verma and Monalisa Mallick were declared as Mr. And Miss Fresher respectively. While Abhipsa Senapati and Sourav Mishra were the Runner-ups for Miss and Mr. Fresher respectively. The awardees were presented with mementos and goodies. The evening concluded with a thank you note by Paresh Mahapatra, a final year student who acknowledged the evening as one of the best fresher’s party he had ever witnessed. 

Finally, the jovial evening of welcoming the new members of the BT-BM family approached its postlude. It was indeed a successful effort and Team MM gladly wishes the freshmen to have a great experience ahead!

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